A Pixel against Aids

The logo of the dotHIV initiative consists of many pixels - give one of them a special design!

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The logo of the dotHIV initiative consists of many pixels - give one of them a special design!


dotHIV is a new and unique approach to fight HIV and AIDS and has the potential to revolutionize global fundraising. 

In short: dotHIV will apply for the Top-Level-Domain .hiv (like .com or .co.za)  and thus establish the "red ribbon" of the Internet. The initiative aims at achieving widespread public attention and getting internet users actively involved with the topic – both from an advocacy as well as a fundraising perspective.

Having a strong public relations background (the wellknown German based creative media agency "kempertrautmann" is the first longterm supporter), as well as the right technical partners identified, dotHIV is currently building its global partner network. dotHIV, with its strong community approach, believes that the power of many can beat HIV and Aids in our lifetime.


The goal:


Applying for a Top-Level-Domain is expensive, but its power for social change makes it worth it. Currently, dotHIV is in the process of collecting funds on the crowdfunding platform indiegogo.


If successful, this money will enable everyone around the globe to register websites with the domain-ending .hiv in a couple of months. Already in the first year of domains sales, dotHIV will be able to give ten times the TLD-application-costs to HIV-projects.


Supporters of the initiative on indiegogo will receive some token of appreciation for their donations, and this is where jovoto comes into play.


You as designers can contribute an original artwork, which will be printed and sent to the donors as a gift.

Task Definition

The initiative’s logo consists of 78 pixels - a big one, the dot, and 77 smaller ones (see attachment).

Our goal with this contest is to create a number of illustrations/images which can be used to replace each of the individual pixels of the logo. The logo will then be made up of 78 individual artpieces - this ‘enhanced’ version of the logo will be used on specific occasions, like events, when it can be shown or printed in a large format.

Your illustrations/images will also be used as a gift for donors who contribute to the funding process on indiegogo, and a the best logos will be presented on the dothiv homepage in rotation.


Of course, your artwork must fit into a square, and there’s also one more specific task. Your artwork should be able to “connect” with the ones surrounding it, having an element in the middle of each side (top, left, right and bottom) which serves as a visual connection to the artwork next to it. Huh, what?? (please check the example attached)


Your artwork does not need to address the HIV/AIDS problematic directly. In fact, we want you to focus on the ideas of “standing together”, “solidarity”, “friendship” and related values.


Special Prize and reward Structure

  • If the first step of funding on indigogo is a success, there will be a EUR 3000,- Prize Money distributed to the Top 10 Community Winners (1x800, 1x600, 1x400, 3x200, 4x150)
  • Best ideas will be selected to be presented by dotHIV at special occasions and on their websites
  • The overall community winner gets a full page feature in the design magazine Feld100

Target Group

Those who donate to the dotHIV cause, anyone coming in touch with the initiative on their website or at events


  • open, friendly, informed
  • no stigma or fear
  • fair, respectful, positive

Mandatory requirements

Your artwork must fit into a square. Please consider that it should be able to be printed in a large format 100cm by 100cm in a nice quality - so plan your artwork accordingly. Also look at the "connecting element" template and think about how you can create visual connections to the artwork next to you in a creative way!

Download material

Click on the following links to download working material and additional information related to the project.


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Wow - What a great contest, idea and task, Nadine!!

(Don´t you think the conncetion points are too much limiting the design?)

Useful and an noteworthy contest,...

@JeskoStoetzer, I think in this case, it is not a such bad idea to project limits, due to what the task is intended for,... but you are right,... so let just try and see what comes out of the contest,...

Hey Jesko! First of all, thanks! Props to the idea of course go out to dotHIV and our Conradin for the task. The connecting points may sound limiting, but on the other hand I don't think it's that tough to do. It could simply be a pattern or something in the background that completes this visual impression. We felt like each artwork needed something that makes it part of a bigger idea, not just a ramdom gallery of squares, if you know what I mean. Let's see how it goes - sometimes limitation leads to surprising creativity!

Beautiful contest Nadine! This reminds me my art made by the crowd idea I.YOU.ME.THEM.US!!! Fabulous!!! :)

@Nadine, does the artwork must be "pixel art" or can be any style within the square?... the square has to be red or can be any color? :)

Xavi, no, no, it can be any style and it doesn't need to be red!

yes and you're right about the reference :)

Great Idea here (-:

Regarding the connecting point. The Illustration shows two on each side of the square. The text says "four". Maybe I even just got the text wrong? Are these 8 point in total right?

Oh, I knew it was going to be full of misunderstanding ;)

My template is supposed to show the approximate area where your image could have overlaps to the next image. You know what, I'll do a little scribble to and upload it to the contest show you what I mean.

(in the tradition of me participating in my own open zone contests, hehe)

I wonder if I am the only one who didnt understand anything of what they want! I have no idea. Very poor breefing! And what about the 8 smudches that should represent the connecting elements? do we have to make 78 squares? or will the best 78 squares be united to each other? probably not becouse they are may be awarding only 10!!!

Hi baita, I made an example entry, hopefully it helps you understand what I mean with those 'smudges': http://www.jovoto.com/contests/dothiv/ideas/17476

You need to do only one image. The .hiv initiative will select from the pool of entries which individual images go into the .hiv logo itself.

The ten top community winners will get special rewards, in addition to being represented in the logo.

Hope this helps!

I love the idea for this contest! yay!

as Jovotans are generally entrepreneurial types, maybe the prize could be your own chosen domain name?

I understand the connection part but does the background has to be white? I mean, if everyone makes the four connection points and if everyone start using a different color for the background there won't be much of a visual connection, right? Can you clarify this aspect? Thanks

no, the background doesn't need to be white. The pattern should still show up, even though the backgrounds are all like 'tiles' of a different color.

Sorry I abandoned you guys for a few days here. I created an example of how you could use the template: http://www.jovoto.com/contests/dothiv/ideas/17476

It's just an example, I'm sure you could find all kinds of creative uses.

One more reminder: Your images are meant to be give-aways for donors to the .hiv top-level domain application cause. This means: create something that's like a little piece of art on its own, something you'd want to have in your room.

It doesn't or shouldn't be explicitly educational, teaching about HIV awareness. It should however symbolize strength, companionship, being there for each other.

Hi Nadine, I have entered a number of Jovoto contests and I am enjoying the challenges. But it's clear that the community rating is not always based on how well the entries comply with the briefing.

While I agree that it's hard to quantify whether something "symbolizes strength, companionship, being there for each other," “standing together”, “solidarity”, “friendship” it's pretty clear when the midpoints of the four sides do not connect and when something is animated.

Currently, 60% of the top ten do not comply with the briefing based on these two criteria alone. And I realize that the contestants might make changes prior to the close, but I doubt that they will, given the track record of these contests. After all, why should they, when the community doesn't care if they do or not? It's also doubtful that anyone who has given a high rating now is going to lower their rating later on if the entries are not modified to comply.

Will all entries that fail to connect the midpoints of the four sides and all animated entries be disqualified? If not, what's the point of having a briefing at all?

As a friendly suggestion: one way that the rating system could be improved is to allow comments during the duration of the submission period, but only allow ratings after the submission period closes. I realize that is a significant change to your (Jovoto's) operation and is unlikely to happen, but I thought I would bring my concern to the community.

I'm totally agreed; "what's the point of having a briefing at all?" if its left unnoticed and seems unimportant according to the ratings??

True treu true.

• But i think we can fix the conncetion points issue quite easily. And i can understand that an intersting artwok itself is a much stronger criteria for rating than the connection points.

I suggested Nadine, the contest manager, a quick simple template where the connection points are circle or squared cut outs and everybody can just copy that into his artwork. Nadine thinks thats a good idea. So what do you think, guys? If you want, you i can upload a template next days.

• I have the impression almost no one is thinking of the large prints of 1x1m size! Many submissions have a great design for a very small icon or picture for being used within the logo, but as a large print that should be attractive and motivating poeple as a reward for funding - i think just very few submissions look great in that size. – What do you think?

Best from Berlin! Yours Jesko

that might lower the quality and creativity of the artworks; cause every connection is good for its own idea, and that's what makes them unique. I think we do not want to mass-produce ideas!!do we???

Changing the briefing in mid-stream will result in the loss of Jovoto's credibility. No one will be able to rely on the briefings of future contests if they think they might be changed halfway through the process.

The entries should be required to comply with the briefing. Perhaps Jovoto has ideas as to how to accomplish this.

I was wondering if may be an image of the hiv logo with the position of the artwork on a pixel can be made by all contestants. That way all contestants can try and link their idea to others depending upon pixel position. The other option would be a hiv logo with the pixels numbered ( sample to be provided by jovoto) and the contestants can indicate their preferred pixel number. Through discussion, contestants can adjust their position and artwork. Right now all are working independently without having a common framework from which to create a harmonious large hiv picture/logo. An interactive drag and drop hiv pixel logo will also allow contestants to see if their idea is blending with other artwork or not. I can see some really beautiful artwork among the ideas and would love to see more..

This is overly complicated. The images will have continuity if the entries comply with the briefing, as intended by the creator(s) of this particular contest.

Thanks for your comment svpribyl.. I should have explained more clearly .I meant in a simple adjacent to each other way. Lets say for example only ,suyani's word art is put next to mariagroenlund's twosomes afterimage, I asked myself ,at what point the continuity ( 8 points link) that the brief desires would be located and how would they resolve it. I was hoping that nice designs wouldn't have to be drastically redesigned to have some connection to all other designs. May be those entries can be positioned next to some other designs to which they are similar and can find joint points. That was my intention in suggesting the above method.From the entries currently online ,only those entries with a cross or cross like shape have a common link. But cross has religious connotations and sensitivity to all faiths is also important. ( Red cross is Red crescent in Arab countries) If the joint point is not a cross like shape , what method is there for the contestants to link to each other? Would it be frame of a certain color or some other shape that is common to all? To arrive at that common shape/frame all participants would have to have discussion. Your design is among my favourites and you have successfully used the brief's eight points in your idea.All the best to you.

Hey szach, thanks for your suggestion! I think I understand what you mean. An interactive one will probably not be realizable at this point. I have updated the list of materials with an example of how those submissions, which are on brief regarding the 'connective element' might look joind together, in this case the letter 'h' of the logo.

I hope this helps to serve as reference. Since the .hiv team want to be flexible in assigning the logo their positions, I don't think numbering them in advance is an option.

Thanks Nadine for explaining and you understood my intention correctly.

Dear all,

We have updated the list of materials with an example of how those submissions, which are on brief regarding the 'connective element' might look like when oined together, in this case the letter 'h' of the logo.

@svpribyl and @szach, thanks for your kind suggestions. As this is an Open Zone contest withe no guaranteed prize money, we don't want to make it too complicated. Participating in an Open Zone should be fun and rewarding.

As Jesko says, it is actually more relevant that the individual art pieces each can stand for themselves, and are well crafted and original. The emerging "pattern" of the art pieces connecting to each other is an add on.

Since this is an Open Zone contest, I don't wish to disqualify anyone or any idea for not being on brief, I think that would be counter productive. Please read the briefing though, and really take into consideration what the .hiv initiative needs most and asks for in this briefing.

Judge the entries according to the brief. Animations do not make sense, including a simple connective element is easily done.

I hope you enjoy this contest despite the misunderstandings.

Where is this new example? I don't see it in the list of download materials. Thanks!

Thanks Nadine, the example is exactly what I had in mind..

Also, consider this: you do not need to necessarily produce a new unique artwork for this cause. search your archive of sketches and (digital) paintings, perhaps there is something that fits the theme and can be adapted to meet the forma criteria? Just a thought!

hey texastee aka contest guide :) , i really don't want any trouble with you, but im very interessted in this aidscontest and i'm really wondering about your behaviour to the artwork of some authors. this is the only work you are doing any critics because of the missing of "friendship"..nevermind i see a lot of friendship influences in this works, its pretty strange there are some less posts u are writing anything against it. there are a lot of other works without any connection to friendship and i cant find your critics at all. im looking up to you and i believe youre doing some hate against this work. tell me i'm wrong :) best regards...

Hey Rogi, sorry I missed your comment here. Always feel free to write me a private message too, in case you have questions!

As a contest guide, I try to but I cannot comment on each submission, it is simply a matter of time and then of chance which ideas I have a closer look at. But I am always honest with my critique. If I critique one submission for not being on brief, I wish to also imply that other submissions which are missing that part of the brief should take that as a feedback.

I've also given positive feedback, and always try to leave some constructive thoughts! But it is also my job to point out when there's a part of the briefing not being interpreted right!

To which idea in specific are you referring to?

One more thing that comes to mind: I especially try to comment on the high ranked ideas, because they tend to be the ones most looked at. So this is where I try to set an example through my commenting.

Still, I am human and can therefore not be 100 objective. My opinion is only one of many, and my opinion can only serve as guidance. After all, I cannot rate ideas, so it is you the community who decides in the end.

Of course, we do check ratings to make sure everyone plays by the rules when it comes to fair rating behaviour.

Can the image be a photograph or an edited photograph?

yes, sure. But you should be able to provide it in a large enough resolution to be printed!

Hi everyone! Only a two more days to place your ratings. Check out submissions and rate, stay fair, rate the idea while keeping in mind the brief. Good luck!

Also, don't forget to take a look at the latecomer submissions, some jewels in there that shouldn't be missed :)

Hehe thats what i want to know too ;-) What´s going on now?

Can't see any winning-ideas in the profiles... update?

That's the problem with these contests, jovoto can't show the ideas as winner ideas, because there is no price money in the open zone contests. Don't ask me why they are incapable, but that's the answer i got, once i asked why they don`t show the ideas as winner ideas in the profil. And i guess they didn't change that because they are busy doing new fancy stuff on the platform, before solving old problems!

so viel fähige Leute und so was bekommt man nicht hin ?!?!!?

Man bekommt es ja nicht mal hin auf Kommentare zu antworten.

jo das ist sehr schade

they wanted to put a couple of ideas on a poster. never have seen this poster. where we can see it?