Connecting me with all

Develop exciting ideas to connect guests visiting the new “me and all hotels”

€28,940prize pool

Develop exciting ideas to connect guests visiting the new “me and all hotels”


DREISECHSNULL, the business client magazine of Telekom and Lindner Hotels & Resorts, is searching for an innovative idea for a new hotel concept.

DREISECHSNULL provides inspiration and advice for small to medium-sized companies. Written in a journalistic style, it shows the potential of trends and innovations for small and medium-sized companies and offers pragmatic tips and inspiring ideas to help the readers make their own businesses secure for the future and their everyday work more efficient.
Online at DREISECHSNULL will report on this contest as a case study for Open Innovation as a tool for small to medium-sized businesses and also in the quarterly published print magazine.

Lindner Hotels & Resorts is a family-managed hotel chain based in Duesseldorf. It has more than 34 city and resort hotels in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Spain.

With the planned “me and all hotels” Lindner is creating an absolutely new hotel and lounge concept that networks the hotel guests both with each other, and with the city they are in and its inhabitants. The locations of the “me and all hotels” will be the inner cities of German business and lifestyle metropolises.

The “me and all hotels” will stand out for the fact that they not only appeal to external guests, but also local target groups and communities from the city and connect them with state-of-the-art, high-end communication technology. At the focus of the new hotel concept is the Community Lounge, the meeting point for the guests from the hotel and from the city and with five themed zones (checking in, working, meeting, relaxing, communicating) enables them to undertake several activities at the same time (working, chilling, relaxing, accessing information, communicating and eating). The guests can individually (me) tailor their stays to meet their needs, without having the feeling that they’re alone (all). You can find more information about this in an interview with Andreas Krökel from the Lindner Executive Board.
For the technical realization of its innovative hotel concept Lindner Hotels AG is joining forces with Deutsche Telekom. Together, the two companies have already, for example, implemented the live conferencing solution “TelePresence” in a series of Lindner Hotels, (link to DSN online article), which enables hotel guests to partake in realistic video conferences with business partners at other locations. The cooperation with the two brands is now being extended with the new “me and all hotels” hotel concept. Further innovative communication possibilities will be on offer in the hotels.

The technological potential of our era should be exhausted in order to appeal to and network (business) travelers and the communities from the city. The additional services are an important component of the innovative hotel concept and help to make the “me and all hotels” unique and attractive.

Task Definition

Develop ideas for digital services to network the guests of the “me and all hotels”, both with one another and with the city they are in.

Develop your ideas on the one hand for the existing technical infrastructure
a) the personal devices of the hotel visitors (smartphones, tablets, laptops etc.)
b) the planned technical equipment of the “me and all hotels”, in particular a media wall, touch tables for group work and workstations for individual work (cf. illustrations).
On the other hand you can complement your idea with new devices to connect hotel guests with “urban locals”. Ideally, it will be possible to tie your service into a “me and all” app.

Important aspects in the development of your idea are

  • the networking of the hotel guests amongst one another
  • the networking of the hotel guests with the city (where can I find what?)
  • the networking of the hotel guests with the urban locals and, vice-versa, the networking of the urban locals with the hotel guests (where can I find who?)

As well as the hotel rooms, possible places for networking in the hotel include:

  • the community lounge (with video wall, multi-touch tables and individual workspaces)
  • the breakfast area and the bar
  • the meeting rooms
  • and perhaps even the gym and underground car park

In the development of your idea you should also consider the temporal aspects:
Which services should “me and all hotels” offer its guests BEFORE, DURING and AFTER their hotel visit?

The benefits for the creatives
The prize money of 28.940 € is made up of the following components:

Community Prize: 10.750 €
1st rank: 3.000 €
2nd rank: 2.500 €
3rd rank: 1.250 €
4th rank: 1.000 €
5.-8. rank: 750 €

10 iPads worth 6.690 €
rank 9 to 18

10 Hotel Voucher for Lindner Hotels & Resorts worth 5.500 €
rank 19 to 28

Following the contest, the jury will decide which ideas suite the “me and all hotels” concept best and give three jury awards to outstanding ideas:

1st Jury Award: 3.000 €
2nd Jury Award: 2.000 €
3rd Jury Award: 1.000 €

Target Group

Your idea has to impress different target groups:

  • The management of the “me and all hotels”.
  • Telekom as the technological partner of “me and all hotels”.
  • The future visitors of “me and all hotels”, mainly young (business) travelers (between 29 and 49 years old).
  • The “urban locals”, i.e. (business) people from the local surroundings who make use of the benefits and services offered by the community hotel.


The hotels and lounges under the “me and all hotels” brand are characterized by their high quality standards, reflected in superior materials (stone, woods, leather) and a high level of technical equipment.

The feeling that the “me and all hotels” embody can be described as trendy, fresh, light, communicative and authentic.

Mandatory requirements

Three areas with accompanying technical equipment, which should be integrated into your idea (vgl. Abbildungen), have already been planned for the lounge area of the “me and all hotels”. They are:

  1. The wall – a giant, interactive multi-user wall
  2. Touch tables – where guests can work together in groups
  3. Individual workspaces – where guests can work individually and uninterrupted

Ideally, there will also be a corresponding “me and all” app for your service
In your design you are obliged to adhere to the corporate design guidelines of “me and all hotels”.
This contest is primarily about really good IDEAS, either in the form of ideas mapped out in a rough draft or purely in written form.

The following structure will help you to describe your idea precisely:

  • Which problem does your idea solve?
  • How does your idea solve the problem?
  • Which value will your solution have for the visitors of the “me and all hotels”?

Useful links:

Download material

Click on the following links to download working material and additional information related to the project.


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gr8 project, one question. due to the fact the Jury is German and everything. Is German prefered as Main Language? just so i now which one i do first.

Hey Rene. The contest is indeed for a German client. Both languages are fine, just make sure that there is always an English description so everybody on the platform is able to understand and rate your idea.

Hi........ I am encountering some problem while uploading my idea for this contest....... i tried uploading 3 times and got an error all 3 times....... are more people complaining about similar problem?? Please let me know.. thnx

hey .. either u did something or i got lucky but it worked the 4th time around.... i cud upload my idea ... please ignore previous message :)

Great! But just for us, when did you exactly receive an error? when you clicked submit idea?

I'm very pleased about the excellent start of our jovoto "me and all hotels" event. The initial ideas for the Hotel of the Future are very intriguing. I'm looking forward to even more.

I've a really problem going on with ideas because almost everyone are leaving the slides in german and without translation and I don't speak the language and it's hard to understand what are the submitions and what we can't do because is already submited. I could rewrite the texts and put them into google translater but it's not very pratical and takes to many time .... ca you please ask a little sumary in english just to avoid inconvenients, sory so much for my request but I'm realy feel this problem joana

Hi @joanaf, I agree with you that everyone should post in english. It's much easier to communicate and understand all of the things we wanna show each other on an international platform. So, as a hotelier we expect to talk to our guests in other languages. ;) -> So sorry for some german parts in our layouts. Hope you will join with other ideas anyway, good luck!

I agree with Joana... it's very hard to participate when most things are in German. For example, on the renderings, how do people get into the building? Is "eingang" the main entrance? If so, why is "welcome" on the other side of the building, far away from "eingang"?

Please explain if we are allowed to change the layout of the floorplan; also, can you give any more info on the size/design of the tables/wall-- or do we get to do that? For example, is the rendering of the wall what it will look like? I would rather it be curved, so that's one idea I have. Also, if you ask me, the floorplan rendering is very opposed to the concept of the hotel. Thank you so much. I would like to enter this contest if I can get a bit more info.

The Renderings you've seen are still a first draft. We are not happy at all because it looks to much like a normal lobby. We've to create more feeling and atmosphere. Though we think it's still a good first look and experience. Our teams are working as well! ;) But feel free to change design, interior etc. if it helps you to create a better idea for showing your vision to connect the guests.

Hey guys,

You are right. I will try to push everybody more into also adding English translations, so its understandable for everybody.

@schoolaintsobad Lemme check on that with the client to be absolutely sure.

Cheers, jeroen


I really like many of the ideas so far. I'm looking forward for more of this inspiring stuff.

Thank you CRaetsch and GGoetz for your motivating feedbacks! I will come up with some new concept and ideas and I´m sure many others will aswell - hope I can manage to upload my new one tomorrow because I want to submit the complete concept in german same as in english translation to have it completely developed...

Dear community,

The client just provided us with the answers to your questions. You are allowed to change the floorplan. In case of the example "I would like to have a curved wall instead of straight one". Yes you are allowed to make those changes in your idea.

Hope it's more clear now :)

Cheers, Jeroen

As one of the managing directors of me and all hotels I'm proud to see you helping us in developing the new concept. Hope that we could transportate our vision a little bit... It's our first time in here! Looking forward for more...! thx

Just read through your ideas and made comments where I could! Great things, never thought about such an feedback... Looking for more!

Thank you for the feedback and i think your right about the english part, everyone should present in first place in english. I'll change to english as main language for my presentation.

thanks for the input. believe it or not, we rarely ever see personal feedback like you granted us today as a jury member.

I am happy to help anyone with English if you just email me at my username

The submissions are of a very high caliber. Many of the ideas have strong technological potential.

It's wonderful how actively and fairly the community reacts to each other. The comments on individual ideas are always respectful and constructive – it's great.

Dear community,

Feedback time again!

There are loads of high quality ideas. It’s great to see so many detailed and well developed ideas in the contest already. We reviewed the start of the contest together with the clients and here’s their feedback.

--> First of all the clients are also really happy with level of quality in the contest. The depth of elaborateness is astonishing and very impressive.

--> They would like to encourage you guys to also submit ideas that perhaps aren’t fully developed yet. There’s plenty of time left, and together with the community feedback you can develop your ideas over the next weeks.

--> Try to think in an even more broad and out-of-the-box way. Which features that are perhaps less common technologies at the moment but would help fulfilling the questions from the briefing?

--> And an other general suggestion – describe your ideas in ENGLISH please so as many people as possible can take part in the discussion about them!

And to make the deal eve sweeter, Lindner added another bonus! The three jury winners will be awarded with passes to the ITB Berlin, the World’s Leading Travel Trade Show, in 2012.

Cheers, Jeroen

Ok, if You promise to prevent cheating in this contest, I am in

"me and all hotels" fails basic english grammar. the correct usage is "all hotels and I".

me, myself and i (billie holiday-1937) :)

Hey guys,

DREISECHSNULL has thrown in another great incentive! Read all about it here!

Merry christmas!

Cheers, Jeroen

Dear Community,

This discussion has been moved to the Support Center. You can find it here:

Best, Jess

Hi Jess, i cant see anything there...:( it requests login while i m already ..

the discussion wasn't moved jess . it was deleted and replaced with your inadequate summary. i'd be angry if you weren't such a hottie.

Hey, I have question to the Guide:

I submitted my idea that features concept of space organisation for Community Lounge.

Some people say , that this contest is only about technical solutions, and that I better to reed the brief.

So, Is my idea legitive to this contest or not?

I think that space is on the main tools to make people connected! am I true?

I´m not the guide but as I understood the briefing such space concepts are aswell welcome!

it isn't than space concepts aren't welcome. the problem is that predesigning the space before determining the contents is very poor design practice. it is a hack approach that yields dysfunctional results.

Of course you´re right with that...

Hey Busins.

Concepts like that are also welcome. But please make sure that you also work on the briefing by implementing the technical solutions such as the mandatory requirements. (e.g. how would these tools help the visitors to network better) In the end that's what the briefing is about.

Cheers, jeroen

+++HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012+++ Wow, a lot of new ideas to review... still need more than 24h a day to read all the things this year... ;) All the best wishes for this year!

regarding the proposed lobby in the supplied floorplans, is that the working square footage available? is there a mezzanine directly above it, and if not is one allowable? are the building sites always of that same width and depth lot? what are the setbacks from edge of property line? are all four sides adjacent to major roads? all of these questions need to be answered before anyone can properly begin to design a space.

Hey Teigan. Mister OLindner commented here "Feel free to change design, interior etc. if it helps you to create a better idea for showing your vision to connect the guests."

So yes, if those functions are needed to show the full potential of your idea feel free to implement them.

to provide the best possible architectural consulting, we need to know the context of the neighborhood. good architecture has a conversation with its surroundings. we know that there are multiple locations, but we need to start with a real location. maybe you can give us a choice of a few. there is no universal floorplan which will work in all locations. or is me-and-all hotels now a subsidiary of IKEA?

Heads up creatives,

Find out who won the trip to Mallorca here!

Hmm, is it just me or anyone else has the feeling that most of the ideas are very technical, maybe only suitable for real internet-smartphone-online-geeks? I´d love to see more ideas that are kept simple. Don´t know if really all hotel visitors have a smartphone, Iphone, etc. or: if they are able to use all those very technical inventions...

@MSTR: the guest of the descirbed target group of me and all hotels are most likely owners of smartphones. I think and do agree that the technical offers do not replace hospitality and human & personal interactions but lead to more efficient communicaton and service delivery at a low cost for the hotel operator...

Ok, possibly yes. I just don´t know, when I´m travelling, do I really want to use my smartphone AGAIN when I´m in a hotel? Apps would make sense, where you can manage your time before arriving at the hotel, but inside the hotel? Do I need internet and smartphones to connect myself to people who are in the same building? Right next door maybe? Unfortunately yes, I guess :-(

i also get the feeling that the customers will be looking at the city through a smartphone app, when the real city is right there before their eyes if they'd just put down the dumb smartphone.

we all need to look up. I'm tired of looking down.

Hello, thanks for the feedback ;) I'm sorry but to write mi ideas in english its too difficult....

Hey fortuna, probably somebody here can you help you out by teaming up?

I hope I will make it to get something in this contest, looks pretty awesome

This contest is a perfect example of how well Open Innovation can function! The users themselves help develop the concept. They simply suggest the services they’d like to see in a connected hotel -- just the way it should be!

I have just submitted my idea. My project is based on the face detection technology. I am waiting your feedback, becuse my english is not so good.So i am very pleased if you check it. Thanks.

Heads up community,

Laaast feedback round before the submission phase ends!

Cheers, Jeroen

just a questions are the ratings okay atm? because i feel a little bad rating on some gr8 ideas and some dropped in the past hour or so for quite some points dunno if its just me

it isnt just you! 0.22 within last hour !!!

the same with mine, from 19 to 27... rise and fall. Open contest, several fake accounts, but we´ll be ok with the monitoring soon :-)

I´ve seen it too. But, as MSTR said, monitoring should set them straight.

agree, same with me. the last idea i put online is now at the 69th place without any comment.and same with the other ideas

Hey guys. Will look deeper into it today!

I feel the same way, wats wrong with the contest ? I think it would be better to make juast a note like other people and not awhole presentation :(

Today I was: 18. 28. and now 20. :-) hehehe

ye i was with my 2nd idea 14 in the morning then somewhere around 63 and now back at 16 ^^

Oh I just love the moment each day, when monitoring is done :-) Thanks Jeroen!

from 6,61 to 6,23... Meine Nerven!!! :-)

Jo du kenn ich bin auch wieder unten :-/ aber wird scho bald sind wir erlöst :-)

hahaha lol from 14 to 29 in a few h and +30 votes thats more votes in a few h then i had in the past 3 days lol

Me, too. From 6,61 to 6,10... this bashing is no fun at all, even though my idea has also been loved by several members! :-(

okay its over :D no more votes lets see what happens :D already back on p20 but well lets see xD i need a drink lol

PROST Rene!!! :-) Welche Erleichterung...

There was a lot of bashing in this contest - tks. it´s over - hoping the monitoring will work fine ................. ;-)

this is an absolute joke anyway..

A lot of rating monitoring has been done today. Will proceed tomorrow.

personally, i m not concerned with ratings anymore:)

hope tomorrow things would be better :P

Hey proloulis. The briefing is not a place to advertise your idea.

Hi guys, I have a proposal - let's start flashmob "everyone voting for everyone"!!

We are about 30 participants in the contest, so this means 30 stable votes for everyone who have submitted idea. Our submissions take a while for reading, but we have done it anyway as we are competing with the others, trying to not overlap with them. There are also quite good updates on ideas which does worth to be read commented. Please, bear in mind that is good to update your vote in case you have voted for some ideas before a while. Non-updated votes may result in effect similar to bashing(at least as final score)

I started already my voting, with the newest ideas, so they get chance to be voted, too. Please, add some short comment after voting for some idea, so you indicate you have read it thoroughly.

Thanks, l.o.d

We have more than 120 ideas in this contest, why 30 votes? I am almost through with voting every idea, but it takes a lot of time. I dont think we should invent something to make people vote if they don´t have the time to read the ideas carefully. But I wished there was more participation so that more people would rate.

i think LoD means 30 (participants)x120(ideas)

yes, 30 people(or more), voting for everyone -> every idea, no matter how new, will have 30 UPDATED votes, which matters a lot

aaaah ok :-) Sounds better :-) hehe

that's industious of you to put in that kind of effort. but no vote is better than an irresponsible vote. you'll notice i have made very few ratings on jovoto. that's because i only rate ideas of which fields i have expertise in and can verify the claims being made. similarly, because german is not my first language, i rarely rate the ideas that don't have an english description. no; google translate is not a substitute for a good dictionary and hours of thorough study. conversely, i don't think people with less than perfect english skills should be rating others at all.

Maybe that´s one reason why ideas with great graphical nonsense seem always to swim on top of the rankings. People prefer to SEE instead of reading the ideas or think about the fact, if it fits the briefing well or not...

yes, I agree with teigan, it's that's why I vote on this contest only now, because the other one, of Coca Cola is about product design, which I don't understand much of.

About the industrious effort - it's not, actually, since you have read them all during the time of submission in order to differentiate your solution

Usually, projects like this are done the next way(I have participated in such): a solid, thorough 1 or 2 months research is done, and then the real creativity starts:) You need to base your ideas on the ground research and then come up with innovative, differentiating from the other participants solutions. Here, most of the comprehensive ideas include a lot of basic research, due to the short terms of the competition

I m in for lod's proposal, But before this I want to pose a question that it is keep troubling me and i know I should have get it clear earlier.. It seems that there are two main categories of ideas 1/ the ones were an appi or other networking system is explained and 2/ the ones that introduce us to new device ideas-tools (like glasses, brachelets and other devices that the appi s can be used with.)

(There are also a few that combine the above mentioned.) For the best interest of the client the combination of both appi and device should be considered for sure, whether one or more projects have to be selected. Yet reading the briefing over and over again I understand that the technical equipment is already setted and the project should be mainly concentrated on how to use the existing devices. Ofcourse I might as well be wrong.. In order to go through everything again Id appreciate any help clearing this out. Thank U in advance.

I think the jury will answer the best, but considering their last feedback, I think they are looking for geeky ideas in all aspects - technology, new interior, non-standard use of the current interior, maybe also behaviouristic analysis staying behind one powerful system? I did leverage the last, basing my idea on social system interacting with the hotel CRM, which tracks the interactions and the profiles of the people and the same time obeys their independence rights. I think such system should exist behind the technical gadgets and the innovations we put in a hotel. The hotel is a hub an should measure its inner life and communication perfectly knowing what the people like, what the people want, etc. So I vote for behaviouristic model inside, too

I think like lod as well, that the jury will have a final answer, and that they are looking for different kind of things, whether the use of existing technology inthe hotel, or the adding of something else, as long it is hight tech and fulfills the basic networking me-hotel-city described in the briefing.

Congrats to all the winners, it has been a great contest with some amazing ideas : )

It was great cheat-run and favoring many not so good ideas from friend circles. Also great bashing of many really good ideas

It was very hard for the community to give diversified vote covering all areas in the ideas, so the friend circles took more prevalence than some objectivity. I'm really sorry the whole prize scheme was not done only by the jury

With public contests always happens something like that, a lot of bashing and cheat attemps but at the end they remove all those invalid votes and in my opinion here happened that way, just compare the positions the night before the contest finished and the current rating.

Well, we shall see in the end , when the jury chooses the sold ideas, too many ideas had 70-85% common points, while the original and maybe misunderstood where in the back What would be nice, but time eating - a last jury feedback for each idea.

CONGRATS to @ll winners!!! :-)

Big Big congrats to all the winners...!

@ carmenvgri: Big Big congrats to private games over creativity and fair play

@ fledgio: yes, that's why they should completely change the system, as this constant game of mouse and cat is truly fun killer and not in any way creative.

Friend chains however can't be defeated yet and basically they form the voting, mixing already what is tolerable and what's not. Basically the jury/or client is giving in the hands of the chains of friends all the budget and they kill all chances of new player getting prize with fair play

@ tyby82: the 70-80% overlap, this is because they mistake basic research with innovation and show existing ideas as something they come up with.

Typically projects like this are performed with initial solid research in two directions: what the competitors do, and what the technological possibilities are to innovate. Copying existing innovations is not what we call innovation. It is what the client typically could do without us.

The research for competitors ideas could be done for a month(for this few topics) and the innovations research(in technologies) may take also a month (at minimum or more). Especially if it covers the social media/analytic models underneath all interfaces. Yes, technical gadgets a hotel can put are just interfaces, the most important work happens when you match the behavior of the people with the business goals and consider interacting with the surrounding businesses. Such projects are done typically form agencies like the one I work for and the result is comprehensive research+ much better innovation proposals than many of the prized ideas in this contest, which are up due to the friend schemes. I really applied hoping the contest model could deliver better result, but not in this case, not with such collaboration and voting system. If the contest prizes was set to be given solely by the jury, the result would be much better

First time participating in this website. very poor implementation of crowd sourcing .First ,this method of ranking is fragile in strategy. those ideas which were submitted earlier had more time to play the private ranking game. second it was not guided by the client to focus on the paths the client is looking for . Was it design based or application based or fancy-looking based? I believe jovoto needs to edit its strategy for running crowd sourcing projects to maintain the trust.

Dear all,

First of all, thanks for the feedback.

Of course supporting and bashing happens in Public contest. But as Flegido already stated, we've done a lot of work in rating monitoring. And I can say that the ranking right now, is a fair one.

@land of dreams I don't agree with you here. The briefing states

"This contest is primarily about really good IDEAS, either in the form of ideas mapped out in a rough draft or purely in written form."

So the client didn't make it mandatory to do "months" of research to submit an idea. We try to encourage users to develop their ideas ON the platform, so they get feedback on all stages. And some of the users also did this with success. Besides this, the client even gave the feedback after the first feedback talk that they especially also welcome "ideas".

The jury still has to hand out the jury prizes, so we all have the chance to see what their opinion on this topic is.

@ATNA_innocratics Some people would argue exactly the other way around. I think most people here can confirm that both submitting early and submitting late have their pro's and cons.

Regarding guidance by the client. I think especially in this contest there was some great involvement from the client. There were jury members who commented a lot, there were 2 feedback talks (and blogposts) and there were interviews with jury members. All of this info was freely available for everybody, so this could have definitely helped you in developing your idea further towards the clients wishes.

Cheers, jeroen

Jeoen, I have no doubt that you did your best to run this fair.My ranking moved up in the last round almost by 10-15 ranks and it astonished me.SO, thank you. As a matter of fact, I was not concerned about rankings , as I thought ranking doesnt affect jury decisions and I was absolutely definitely wrong. Also , I don't have concern about public rating in general but this method is not public rating!even by removing the suspicious rates, it is a vulnerable method of competitors rating among themselves which kills the possibility of ideas owners to brand their ideas ,their solutions. You have defnitely better solutions to run a public rating,Man!By putting urself in defensive mode , you will close the door to all those other versions of running this. CHEEEERS

Congrats to ALL - Winners or not - Tks. for commenting and voting.

Congrats to all of you (but of course especially to the winners :))! It's unusual to see so many great ideas in one contest!!! :)

Congratulations to all of you, this was an amazing Contest: Jeroen, you did a great job with constructive comments and a prompt monitoring and the Jury gave very helpful and motivating feedbacks for all submitted ideas - it was great being part of this!!

Hi goforit My special congrats to you...! You did a great job here, and you totally deserve your awards. I don´t wanna leave anyone behind, there was some amazing projects in this contest.

Jeroen You did great as contest guide. I´m sure monitoring was difficult, but i think in the end things worked out fine. Rating monitoring showed some real changes from what was before.

This contest was a very good experience. I gree with Goforit, it was great being a part of this.

Congratulations to the winner and not!!! a lot of interesting work here!!!!! :-)

Hey guys,

I moved this discussion to the support center, since the contest briefing isn't the place to discuss these issues. I'll reply there.

Cheers, Jeroen

Isn´t the presentation of the winners today? :-)

Yessir. We'll be at the ITB this afternoon where the winners will be announced!

which presentation? and is there anything known about the jury prizes?

Oh wow! Looking forward for the details - and the Ipad! ;-) congrats to the winners

Congrats to the winners : )