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Establish a new Rating System for high quality/new-technology-Hotel standards

based on the conventional rating symbolism with stars classifying quality of Services and Hotel characteristics + Hotel Contents

  • Implementation of a new hotel standard rating system + definition of a new criteria system
  • categorizing system ranks Hotels and Services regarding their media Infrastructure and technical Instruments,  Media Services etc.
  • gives information about given Communication Technologies of Hotels


  • me and all Hotels is the first to establish a future standard in new technologized houses
  • me and all Hotels is the benchmark for other high technologized hotels to come
  • me and all Hotels communicates its role as pioneer in this area by creating new rating system
  • me and all Hotels gives the guideline of classification names the new  evaluation criteria

Rating Criteria / Rating System (see Chart 4)

More and more upper star category houses get rid of the model of categorizing their high standard level by hotel stars. Legislative novelties or industry sector specific guidelines (for example the PharmaCodex disables Pharma companies to book luxury segment hotels (5stars) for medical conventions etc.) are just some reasons turning the rating system using stars out to be a competitive disadvantage.

Solution: New ways of categorization

It´s time to create new systems describing hotel standards, contents and levels

  • create new system for hotel categorization --> set/establish a new standard
  • categorization of media systems, networking facilities of future-oriented, high technology Hotels
  • gives Information about / ranks medialen Communication Technology standards of Locations


  • In-house technical equipment and integration 
  • Availability and Terms of Business Zones
  • (Rooms for courses and conferences, Presentation facilities- and tools etc.)
  • Technological Infrastructure (Location - und Event relevant Networking links / City)
  • Technological Services (Hotel-Platform, online Services, Tools und Applications, MediaWall etc.)
  • Technological Innovations etc.

MEMBER CARD (see Chart 6)

Member Card / Check-in

MemberCards are well-established in our modern society based on services. They retain customers, increase customer loyalty and help capturing data and make administrative processes more efficient.

  • after once being registered with his main personal data, the guests receive the me and all MemberCard in a user-friendly credit card size formate
  • being registered as a member, the guests simply has to carry his/her MemberCard with him: Check-In reading-stations allow a full automatized check-in without complex registration processes and even without showing the memberCard --> the reading stations locate the MemberCards, read out customer data and forward the informations to the system


  • simplify and speed up the Check-In Procedure
  • has function as room-key and allows entry in personal room and other Hotel areas (e.g. Meeting rooms special Media Zones etc.)
  • allows quick and comfortable accounting and charging of  demanded/used Services (Mini-Bar, in Room, Restaurant, Special-Services etc.)
  • use with personal password in combination of Hotel-Inkognito

Member Card Services (see chart 7)

me and all MemberCard offers a package of basic features for all members to meet the requirements of all Hotel guests:

  • administration and forwarding of basic, guest specific data
  • gives access to guest platform and allow administration of personal profiles
  • activates / gives acces to me and all Smartphone-App incl. Features

possible Additional Features / Extras

  • Frequent Booker Programs with Collecting Credits (like Airline Milestones or Credit Card Bonuses) --> benefits: Bonus-Services, tax benefits at Technology-Exhibitions etc.
  • Discount at Cooperation- and Partner Companies Services (Lifestyle- und Business Magazines, Telekom...) --> z.B. tax benefits at Special Events, special offers etc.
  • MemberCard in various Editions (offering same Basic-Features) e.g. Standard, Business und Premium MemberCard --> Services following different member requirements

HOTEL INKOGNITO (see chart 9)

With the me and all MemberCard each guest gets his/her personal Hotel-Inkognito:

This additional Feature allow the guests to get connected and interact anonymized with other Hotel guests and Members (via Hotel-Community-Platform, personal Site)


  • me and all guests/members are able to get in touch and communicate with each other at the Hotel Platform without providing sensible private Data to other Community Members
  • each guest/member gets his/her individual email contact address which will be used for the communication between Hotel and guest (e.g. when booking additional services or room reservations, billing etc.)
  • me and all Inkognito makes administration processes less complex when contact data follow a common structure
  • me and all Inkognito takes advantage of the familiar structures, similar to those used in sozial Networks and Communities, where using pseudonyms is established habit

System / how does it work?

A Software generates the Guest-Inkognitos automatically, by using syllable components and putting them together in a random order to combine them to individual and unique Inkognitos.

The sillables are built of consonant and vowel sequences, which allow allways harmonic-sounding Inkognitos as a result. A great range of unique Inkognitos can be created with this system. (see -->

  • This individual Inkognito is the basis for creation of the personal guest email address.

Example: Me(syllable 1) + Gu(syllable2) + Sto(syllable3) = MeGuSto =>

GUESTS NETWORK (see chart 11)

Hotel guests can get connected / interact with other Members on their personal site by using their personal individual Inkognito:

  • Contacts and personal Data secure und anonymized by Member-Inkognito
  • administration using familiar structures of etablished socialen Networks --> user-friendly and easy to handle
  • Groups and Contacts can be sorted Interresst- and Theme corresponding


  • socializing Private and Business Contacts
  • Communication and Interaction with other Members (e.g. Business- und Event relevant)
  • join/share Activities with Members --> vitalize Hotel- und City stay


  • Access via online Site, via Smartphone App and via InfoKiosks in Hotel-Lounge area

Personal Member Profile / Structure (see chart 12)

Login in personal me and all Guest Area (via Customer validation Code, Inkognito) allows Administration and Support of Services, personal data and allows Connecting with other Members


  • Guest Data (primary Contact Data, Customer Validation Code etc.)
  • Billing (administrative Services, Invoices etc.)
  • Reservations (Administration, Booking, Cancellations etc.)
  • Service and Hotel- related  Evaluations (possibility to rate Services, give Feedback etc.) 


  • Room Equipments, Amenities (Minibar Products, Special Requests etc.)
  • Service Extras (e.g. special Media-Equipments as Printers, Fax etc. for Guest Rooms)
  • Reservation-Service City (Hotel-external Bookings as Restaurant Reservations, Car Rental etc.)
  • Business Extras (e.g. equip Rooms with Projekt- and Course related folders/folios for Business Groups)

Network Contacts + Actions

  • Contakts (personal Network via Inkognitos, Contakts + News)
  • Aktivity Zone (Activating of stay-related Interrests, e.g. Seminar Groups, Exhibition related etc.)
  • Newsletter (Hotel intern News, Events, Activities and City related Infos)

FEATURES (see chart 14)

Using me and all App or via their personal Profile on the me and all online-Platform users can specify their individual Likes and Dislikes, relating their Hotel stay. Including Cost Management.

Me-Zone / Guest related Extras & Services

individual Guest-related Services, e.g. special Bookings, Extra-Services etc.

  • Culinary Preferences (prefered Nationalily, Infos concerning Hypersensitivity, Allergies etc.) --> regarding Restaurant-Reservations, Mini-Bar Contents, Hygienic Products etc.
  • Service-related Special Requests
  • Requests regarding Guestroom Equipment (Technische Stuff, Floristics, special Decorations etc.)
  • Requests regarding Special Preparation of Rooms (e.g. for Business Groups --> equip Rooms with special Handouts, Folders, Exhibition Catalogues etc.)

City-Zone / Stay-related Extras & Services

join City-related Services (Exhibitions, Events, Conventions etc.)

  • Angaben zu Interessen (cultural Interests, Locatio-related, Places of Interest, Events, Conzert setc.)
  • Civil Service Guide / Public Offices Overview (Contakt Data, opening hours etc.)
  • Exhibition Guide (Plans, Timetables etc.)


  • Taxi & Car Rental Services (Booking, Reservation etc.)
  • Public Transportation Services (Fahrpläge, Information, Preise etc.)
  • Connection with Airport and Rail Services (Schedules, Ticket Booking etc.)

Service Interface connected with HotelScouts --> Requests will be forwarded and organized by Scouts (e.g. Reservations, Bookings etc.)

NETWORK + ACTIVITIES (see chart 16)

Hotel Guests can activate stay-related Interest in their Member Profile. If activated Interests and requests correspond with those of other Guests they can meet and connect to share Activities.

Recreation  Activities

  • City Zone (Sightseeing, City-Tours etc. to share with people with same Interests)
  • Arts und Culture (Museums and Shows, Concerts etc. join with people having same Interests)
  • Lifestyle und Entertainment (visit Restaurants, Bars, Theaters etc. join with others)
  • Events (Gala Events, Benefiz etc. - special Event, visit with other invited people)

Interesting for City-Travellers, Tourists and Event-related stays:

Connection with Lifestyle-Magazines and Eventguides offers Solutions for Activities --> InfoWall (e.g. Gastronomy search by catchment area or taste dependent, Places of Interest, Cultural Guide etc.)

Business Activities

  • Exhibitions (Car Pool Services, Communities of Interest for Trade-Fair visitors and Exhibitors)
  • Conventions and Seminars (build Communities of Interest with others)
  • After Work (visit Restaurants and share Interest/Knowledge with other Trade-Fair Groups)
  • Customer-Service (gives Support and makes Propositions (Locations, Gastronomie etc.) regarding Meetings and Assistance of Business Partners and Clients)

Interesting for Business Travellers, Convention Attendants and Exhibitors:

Business-related Interests can be connected and shared with other Group Members. Company Groups benefit by Services snd Possibilities. 

Activity Administration

Actions / activate Interests (see chart 17 --> graphic)

InfoScreen / InfoCube show activated personal Interests, Actions and Requests of Attendees (using their Inkognito). Adminstration through:

  • Personal Member Site / online Platform
  • Smartphone App for Members
  • Info TouchScreen Kiosks in Hotel

Examples of connected Activities (see chart 18 --> graphic)

Members build Groups on Interests when having corresponding Actions and Interest activated to share and join Interest-related Activities together.


Features Overview / Services (see chart 20 --> graphic)


Information Zone / City Guide (see chart 22 --> graphic)

The Hotel MediaWall is the Showcase of the City (Hotel Location):
by being the area serving Information for Guests it gives Support and offers City- and Interest-related Informations.

  • Interest-related Informations were offered and can be accessed -->Touch Screen (e.g. Informations concerning current Events / Highlights etc.)
  • A City-Map on the me and all MediaWall isthe heart of each Hotel Location
    --> map view can be adjusted (Touch Screen Navigation)--> Zooming, Street View fade-in/fade-out, show Points of Interrest, Restaurants etc.)-->  google maps

City Guide Feature

Helps Planning Location- and City-realted Recreation Activities and serves Orientation Advises and important Informations for Business Travellers

  • helps planning Recreation Activities (e.g. gives suggestions for Restaurants or Sightseeing Tours)
  • catchment area Search possible (Search Categories)
    (e.g. Restaurant Search by Nationality, Stars, Location size etc.)

Information Zone / Cube (see chart 23 --> graphic)

In addition to the great MediaWall Info-Cubes and small 1-Person TouchScreen Kiosks located in the Lounge and Lobby area offers many Possibilities to connect with other guests and get Information access:

  • InfoCube and TouchScreen-Kiosks allows many different Individuals and Groups to access Services and Features in a more private atmosphere without being bothered
  • Additional Function: Screens can be used as Area for Projections (City Impressions, Arts, Ad Space etc.)
  • Screens can be used as Area for general Infos (Weather Informations, News etc.)
  • Cube and Kiosk Screens analog  �notice boards� showing current activated Member Activity Requests --> (see graphic chart 18)

Technical Possibilities / Equipments/Examples:

InfoCube Technology--> see intel Info Scape
1-Person InfoScreens --> see TouchScreen Kiosk

*** this presentation contains (InfoCube) some images found via google search and Corbis Images --> use of pictures for presentational purposes only!

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