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me and all services - full concept with suggestions for an efficient and enjoyable stay


Offline Services

Offline Services are the on-site innovations, in a hotel room, lobby, lounge, etc.

All the desirable stuff in the hotel itself.


HotelPad & App

Each guest has the opportunity to use the me and all hotelPad. It could be placed in each room or can be rented separately. It has in addition to the typical functions, such as surfing the web, extensive special features, for example the control of the hotel room itself like open or close the roller blinds, light mood, tv remote, temperature and a wake-up call function. The hotelPad stays with the guest over the complete stay and can also be used as a City Guide with included Navigation. For guests who want to use their own pad / Smartphone, an app can be offered to every guest for a easy and free install.




Wallet-less & Keyless Go

Each guest uses his smartphone to interact with the hotel. On the smartphone are not the Keys to access the every relevant area like the Room or the Wellness Area. The Payment is simply made by placing the phone to a "Touch Table" confirm it. Should a guest not have a smartphone or do not want this feature, the guest will receive an NFC ID card. This then takes the same features but without the full scope of the software.


Every guest of the house can now leave his keys and wallet in his room.




Media Wall

The media wall fulfills a multitude of needs, it can be be used as a guidance system and each guest displays in 3D the way to his goal, it can also be used as a sightseeing guide. Just navigate to the highlights of the city and quickly decide whether it is worth visiting. In addition to the normal applications, such as surfing and leisure activities, the media wall is so integrated into the room, it can be used at events as a stage backdrop or an interactive exhibition space. e.g. carry out an opening for digital art, so as to create a place for creativity outside the hotel daily routine.



online Services

Online services are the services which are expected by me and all guests at anytime on-the-line. Simple, fast and networked.




Anytime Check-in & out

Guests of me and all hotels come and go whenever they want to, no one will dictate to them that they must clear the room till 1 pm and no one will demand to book a late check-in of them.


Guests can check in online and leave the hotel just as easy. Simply select Check-Out on your smartphone, confirm and that�s it! Whether you check out now, three am in the morning or after lunch.


This is run by a flexible booking system. Cleaning staff will be notified automatically by the system, once the guest has checked out.


After cleaning the room,  the cleaning staff now just hast to re-release the and it is directly in the system.


Offline it works as well. Simply enter the hotel, place your Smartphone on the terminal and the access key will be loaded onto your mobile phone. Who has not a suitable phone, enters a code and receives, similar to a postal package station, an NFC ID card with which he can be control all activities at the hotel.




Personal Preferences

The personal preferences of a guest are always different and may be be hard to take into consideration as soon as the guests enter the hotel. Guests of me and all hotels are able to create a Profile with personal preferences. This allows all guests to e.g. specify an allergy to fabric softener in their profiles and his reserved room is directly equipped  with separately treated linen and towels.


One more very important scenarios is the include of a proper power supply based on the origin saved in the Guests Profile




Local Bookings

Local Bookings stands for interaction with companies of the same area or region as the hotel. Me and all the hotel guests can e.g. Book Weekend packages or after-Work packages. The me and all the hotel automatically take over the entire planning process. The corresponding reservation is booked on the phone of the guest including time management, when the driver comes for pickup, or when a show starts, etc.


This results in a possible main benefit for the hotel and creates the opportunity to generate a commission system to achieve a return on investment.




Mobile Services

Mobile Services are all the options, a guest has while he is outside or not in the vicinity of the hotel and has no access to a connected terminal. Key point here is the me and all app.





The me and all app for smartphones and tablets is one of the key points for the overall concept. Here everything comes together, from the user profiles to the billing.


The app is the central hub, it decides on the access to a hotel room and guides the visitor through the hotel and the region.


The app includes a route planner based on Google Maps, which proves to be ideal in combination with Google Street View.





Personal Services

The personal services are all those that require personal contact between staff and guests. Here the me and all Scout will raise new standards.




The me and all Scouts

Me and all the scouts are the individual and personal contact for all guests. They help in every situation. They are highly trained and explain you in a sort of elevator pitch, how the system works because by the multitude of possibilities certainly a personal - free of technology - help is requested by a customer group, which enters new into the media territory.


In addition, the me and all Scouts are also very well trained in terms of regional services and partner offerings. Me and all the Scouts organize and hold events at the hotel and accompany the guests for special events or on their tour.





Networking Services

Brings people together.

Find a professional, interlocutors, events, or create your own events.




Find a Professional

A guest is working on an architectural sketch. Well, it turns up the question whether this is sustainable. Without further ado, he checks to see whether there is a civil engineer at the hotel. And actually, another guest has saved the desired skill in his profile. Now, an invitation will be sent and you can interact in a conversation in the lounge at the Touch Table and socialize.




Find an Event

The same evening a guest wants to experience something else. Together with other people without forcing to do the first step. For this purpose, each guest can create or join events. From a presentation in the conference room to a zoo visit, anything is possible. In addition the app has a Xing interface is so that people outside the hotel can be integrated as well.


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