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The purpose of this game-like, community appi is to engage the potential client with Me & All hotels, before arrival, during stay and even after check out. 
With the help of Locals involved Me & All Hotels offers the Ultimate Travelling experience to its customers and makes the City easier and more interesting.
Co sponsors (partners) are also suggested to increase the interest of the client broader the network.
Reward system is applied to attract further interest and benefits for all.
There are plenty of benefits for All.
Multi-touch screens have been added for easier use by more than one people simultaneously... 

Last upload Summary:)  Extra: Multi Touch Screens  
I created a summary hoping to make more easy to read.  To get full explanation and details please read through all the slides that follow the summary.


The Travellers Game can run inside a social site. or/and as standalone application
The customers, visitors and locals will be motivated by reward points-credits to share experiences and info for almost everything that s going on around the cities visited or hometowns (concerning the locals.)
The GAME will have different City Rooms (where the Hotels are currently situated) and the City Rooms will also be divided in Lobbies (like art lobby, business lobby etc)
The profile of users will generate an avatar icon based on "personality" background and other info while the Player will chose which he wants to share and which not. There can be categories eg The businesman.  |(And can be partly customizable)
When first subscribing to the Game there will be also a selection between Visitor or Local link to each City Room. So lets assume I am living in Hamburg I can join the Hamburg Room only, as a Local and any other Rooms I m "visiting" as a Virtual Visitor. 
While i m inside the Hamburg Room I will have "extended rights" like publishing news or share links for exhibitions, concert and other.. in the available categories.  And the Room will credit me for that! Now lets say I m thinking to visit Amsterdam (in real life) and want to get maximum info on what is going on there! By "visiting" the Amsterdam Room I can interact with the Amsterdam Locals I can have a virtual tour around the City but also the Hotel area.  While visiting the Amsterdam Room I will be a VV (virtual visitor) Now lets assume I do make a reservation To stay in one of Me and All hotels and I do travel to Amsterdam (in real life!) and already have a nice travel plan-guide printed out (another great feature of the GAME). I come to the reception to get the keys to my room and I also get a CODE! THE CODE gives me free internet access Inside the hotel and other sponsored areas such as restaurants, museums, galleries etc. In addition I can use THE CODE to access through the game the Amsterdam Room as a GUEST that gives me some extended rights such as Experience sharing and Voting and thus extra credits! 

At the same time i can exchange my credits for free hotel services, discounts, free entrance tickets etc!    More to come....

The information gathered (anonymously) through this application can be vast!  
And the GAME's community can be expanded very quickly with a attractive reward package! 
Other selected Local business can also join the Me & All Hotels Game as sponsors!
GAME LOBBIES can be created inside the hotels or/and other areas, same as inside each City Room in the GAME..   

Slide Set 1: LOCALS
Slide Set 2: virtual VISITORS
Slide : GUESTS 

(collaborators welcome:)