Come Home
Come Home ♥


Come Home

main idea:
�Come Home� should convey a sence of familiarity to the hotel guest. It should be a feeling like being at home even though there is a very high level of technic affinity.

the evaluation forum - news platrform

- a internal evaluation and information forum should be built up, simultaneous to
- only the hotel staff and the guests that have already checked in are allowed to evaluate �> this should avoid manipulation
- with a 360°-view in the bars, clubs and restaurants you get the chance to have a closer look of the location without being there in real
�> you have also the possibility to do a virtual walk-through by scanning a QR-code on the outside of the location
- members get connected directly to the homepage which immediately detects the locality you are
- its possible to upload snapshots to show the other guests for example whats going on where you are/that the party rocks in the place you are
- without having a smartphone you get the chance to connect with other guests through your profile

the App

- intelligent app will be created
- anonymous lists of favorites are generated with the help of the user data
- connection to other hotel guests
- as soon as the guest walks into the hotel he will get a massage offering to download the hotel app for free

the App outdoor

- creating a personalized, intelligent app
- the app saves and collects data of certain patterns of behaviour (which kinds of cafes do i like to spend time there, which shopping malls do i prefer?,...)
- the first steps are to personalize with the help of certain data of yourself (age, sex, likes, sportivness, and so on)
- a coloured avatar will be assigned to you after putting you in a raster
�> e.g. you are a man, sportiv, 30 years old = blue avatar
- there is also the possibility to transver data directly from e.g. Xing
- because of that it�s possible to find other hotel members being marked by the assigned colour and having the same interests like you have
- furthermore, an anonymous connection will be illustrated  (like eyetracking)
�> so you can see where the hotspots of the groups of interest are
- you can do virtual tours using Google Street-View
- all of the groups of interest can being marked in a specific radius and you can send general messages
�> you can also send messages to certain persons
- with the help of the data specific POIs are created
- the relevance of a store or locality will be affected by the duration of stay
�> blue marker stays 2:35 minutes in the H&M store: not relevant
�>blue marker stays 15:25 minutes in Sportcheck: it�s relevant

App in the hotel

- the app shows a virtual tour through the hotels
- after the registration you can chose a room on the same stage like your group of interest
- the App includes virtual stores like: minibar, virtual menu, movies, which extra things do i need?
- also administrable over Touchtables
- daily news (events, sightseeing, ...) are given out personificated depending on the interests
- rating of localities in the news-channel
�> other guests can recognize very fast where to find certain places
- an own messager is integrated to communicate inside the hotel via Telekom Hotspot


- payment is effected via Near Field Communication
- payment is effected via the internal guest account
- payment is effected via credit card

NFC (Near Field Communication)

- ticketing for museums or internal events
- you can pay anything inside the hotel
- use it as key for the room via smartphone or with bluetooth-standart
- you can download this app at the reception when checking in
- you get the chance to save the phone numbers of the hotel, of the taxi centralstagion, restaurant finder etc. on your mobile phone
�> especial for persons not beeing app-affine


- the worksation gives a free entrance and gives a limit to the free storage of the Telekom cloud
�> by that you can e.g. deposite business documents temporarely
- there is a hotel internal cloud: the guests are able to upload code word locked documents and send them inside the hotel
- integration of Digital Interactive Solutions and Augmented Reality (e.g. when doing a city tour
- digital signage or better Air Touch Windows for internal spreading or city tour  

Augmented Reality

- information header gonna pop up in realtime while walking down e.g. a shopping arcade
�> that means information about shop hours, sale, happy hours etc. are shown up life on the display
- by touching on the headers you will see another information
�> based on the system of Tripwolf
- maybe there are some mobile devices from the hotel which are given out to the guests because of the run time of ones mobile phone
- localities are identified by the use of GPS data or by visual presentation (picture)
- it might be filtered by the help of the user�s profile

Air Touch Window

- can be used to do a visual tour through the hotel for example, or to gain insight of the rooms
- for certain orders at the bar (kind of a virtual fridge)

mobile devices - transar (translucent Augmented Reality)

- a translucent mobilephone will be developed
- Augmented Reality gonna be used so that pictures are seen in realtime without any connection to the camera
- use of AMLEDs in connection with the OLED technology
- comparable to the TDK UEL 476