h*book - my member profile


imagine you have a second identity as a guest member and all your preferences, tastes, connections, hobbies, interests are register in your private profile. This way when you arrive to your hotel you already have all connected to your interest and to make your visit respond to your needs and hopes....

because everyone is different and the same guest can visit the same hotel with different purposes the important is a personal and specific treatment, where your interests and needs are the priority and all connected to improve your stay and make it memorable. 

you can improve your network connections, your world knowledge, your personnal wellbeing, your range of friendships.... and so on... just because your are not a common guest, your are a member with a personalized profile that can be match to your needs...

create a member account where the member register himself along with preferences, tastes, hobbies, and so on ....

items of profile:


allows in burocratic steps like check in, reservations and bookings, insurances, ....
should have a summary medical history (like blood type, alergies...) to avoid accidents and facilitate the process if there�s any.


allows the schedules and organizing the trip. should inform the member where and when there will be a next trip:

trip purpose
dates and locations availables
booking confirmings
spare time
travel time
work time

all procedures should be made online and register for future use


helps in room definitions personalized for you:

ambience temperature
cinema choices
bed functions
bath therapies and moods
room service schedules

helps in food service and city gastronomy tips:

personalized menu from breakfast to dinner
list of places to visit in the city that provides you an exceptional gastronomy experience
food and drinks degustation 

creates a package of things to do and to see while you have a spare time

cultural visits 
cultural & entertainment events specifics of the city
time-out divertion
lounge time-outs (moments of fun organized by the hotel with a group of people with mutual interests)
city tour

create a package of activities concerning to the guest well-being

sports & fitness

create a memory of favourite web services and a full display them

on-line newspaper
games and movies
facebook or others actualizations
message board
work applications
meetings schedules
net news
audio controller
digital books & magazines

a direct access of hotel services without using the pnone

wakeup call
room-service ordering
concierge services
front desk services
room amenities


match the list of preferences and the purpose of the visit and starting to build a network connections inside the hotel. 

because one of the goals of a trip is to meet other people that can be part of your personal life or/and work life, is important to now your �neighbour guest� and enjoy his/her company.

because social networking can improve your life style (personal or/and professional)

create lounge moments where the guest can merge themselves with city individualities and creates new links to increase the network and the experience. Benefit for the guest that have the possibility of knowing the city society and for the city to be part of the external experience and recognition.

launch cultural experiences that envolve guests to enlarge the buyer markets, lounge exhibitions of art, books, ... that can be permanently available at the digital displays on the lounge area, with a simple connection to a like and share button and also a buy button if that is the case.


direct access to functionalities and professional needs, programs, messages, app, network communications, everything that turns possible to work from inside to the world.

create moments of possible work meetings between guest with common goals, using the spirit of the lounge to do it in a relaxed and non-formal meeting

create opportunities to increase the work experience and goals with the city market, and opening new possibilities to a new commercial trade

- - - 

I. ME & HOTEL - HBOOK (private profile)

Knowing the needs, preferences, lifestyle, of the guest is the best way to manage their stay and assure that this staying will be the best experience of all.

This platform will improve the relation between hotel and guest and create the perfect connection between both.

II. ME & OTHER GUESTS - HBOOK (public profile)

There will be a part of the platform that will be available for all register members. The member is the only one who can manage access and upload informations to promote the network spirit and helps to enlarge each member network.

The member can:

a) give opinions about the hotel and their services, and also choose and give a level to his preferences.

b) leave notes about the city and best places to visit, best events, and so on....

c) create a photo album with interesting moments of their presence in the hotel and vicinities.

d) see informations about the other hotels of the chain and comments of their network members.

e) talked with online members.


With HBOOK platform, members can trade information about the city and interest places to visit, know different lifestyle experiences, and local publications.

Citizens also can promote their commerce and business offers by adding publicity and a local news publication that will help to create the link between national and international network.

IHOTEL - a specific tablet pad will be given as guest request, every time he lives the hotel. This tablet have a software installed that have the single purpose of guide the member trough the city, give him informations related to the surrounds, interests, events, best traces .... all the guest need to return satisfied to the hotel.

This IHOTEL will have the member profile connected as the guest introduced his totem (Totem concept explain forward).


All guest/member will have a TOTEM / Key with a unique number/password. This totem will have all the guest information/data and it�ll be the way to interact in the hotel and vicinities.

There will be different totems depending of the guest level and the guest can reach a higher level if his profile responds all demands for an upgrade. This demands can be related to:

- times of stay

  • number of services used
  • purchases made in and out the hotel
  • stayings on other hotels of the chain
  • and so on....

Totem & the City

The city commerce will also have agreements with the hotel in order to give benefits/privileges to the members that hav a totem, and the guest will have different benefits on the purchaise depending of his totem.

At the hotel, 

This totem will be the key to access all the digital displays and services for example:

a) restaurant/bar tables:

this totem will be locked on the table and at that moment the table will reconnect the member profile showing him available choices accordingly to his tastes.

will be the member credit card during his stay

will create a data sheet about choices and tastes for optimizing the service.

will be a network enlarge - the table will assume a specific color that gives other guests information about the member profile, like if one member got the blue color he will have similar tastes with others blue colors members or purple members, and so on....

at night the tables can work not only for requests services and meeting points but also as entertainment displays with simple interactif games and interactions that recreat a pleasent stay.

at work this tables will work as workstations and have all the tools and services needed for an work hour

b) room:

when looked, this totem will register the guest preferences and create the perfect environment and activate all the functionalities of the guest profile

c) public pass by areas:

like corridors, elevator,.... this totem will activate the services like floor choice, lights, ....

more soon