Modular Services
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If you have no time to read the detailed Concept, the short Descriptions included in the visualized Slides should do to understand the main Contents.


It is reasonable to embed new Technologies Tools for the Next Generation Hotel.
However they has to be available and give benefit likewise for all clients:
where Services do require the involvement of new Technologies, these has to be offered in a way, that all Clients and Guests are able to make use of those, with regard to the fact that not every Individual owns maybe necessary Devices (e.g. Smartphones).

It is essential to offer a coherent range of  effective new Services in Combination with new technological Possibilities and Tools - Services and Applications must support each other instead of being just an enthrallment.

Where human knowledge and Organisation are relevant, new Technologies has to be applied to complete Services and to have a supportive effect, where they have to serve new Scope of Duties and develop. New Features and Services need time to grow to finally become State-of-the-Art.

New Features and Service Structures based on new Technologies, will therefore be connected and combined with conventional (face-to-face) Services to provide maximum benefit.


This Concept is based on the Application  and Use of Modular Services:
in addition to those Services and Technologies being available for All and any time, some additive Spezial-Services  and Technical Features can be provided and placed at the disposal in a modular system/unit (when requested).

The Implementation of a modular Services System allow to obvserve and focus customer  behaviour:

which Trends and Services were inquired?
which are expandable, which ones have low demand?

This Modular-Services-System allows an effective, step-by-step Modification of the Range of Services (in regard of including newest technical Standards and Developments) and is therefore consumer- and cost-oriented.


Common Services
Servies, Technologies and Features usable/available for all Hotel Guests
>> e.g. MediaWall, Applcations etc.

Business Services
Servies, Technologies and Features oriented on Business Demands and available in  Service-Packages (modular)
-> e.g. special Business Rooms, standard Presentations-Equipments etc.

Service Modules
Technologies and Tools for special Business-related Demands, available when required
-> e.g. Experts-Services (see Slides 23-25)


Experts Pool Services

Business Traveller and Representitives are an important target Group for me and all Hotels. Their Hotel Stays are mostly Project-oriented, Meetings with Partners and Customers are obligatory. Many times, useful Business relevant Contacts arise on Location, which make unscheduled short-term Meetings necessary.

How can me and all help?

me and all Hotels have an Experts-Pool, available in each City Location which they can place and connect with Business Guests for short-termed stay-related Business Projects:

  • Interpreter and Translators
  • Programmer und Technicians
  • Account Executives
  • Copwriter and more

The Services:

The Experts can be booked to help and support Business People and Hotel Guests at unscheduled Businesses to take some of the workload in case of stay-related Projects fixed at short-notice.

  • Translation-Services
  • Research Services
  • Preparation of Presentations
  • Ad-Hoc Reports, Copywriting etc.

This is interesting for Who?

  • Exhibitors and Comp. Representitives
  • Seminar Attendees
  • Congress Visitors
  • Business Travellers and Groups
  • many more

When can these Services be accessed?

In cases of stay-related and short-termed Businesses and spontaneously organised Projects, Expert-Services can be booked (e.g. Organisation of Meetings, Portfolio Preparation, Research Services, Translations, Interpreter Services etc.).

  • by Hotel Guests and Clients
  • by Users of Hotel Business-Rooms
  • --> fixed-term Contracts

A Group of Business People has established most useful and important new Contacts abroad at the current Trade Fair in the City. The outcome of this is may be spontaneous Meetings and short-termed Presentations - but there is no Interpreter available to translate?

An already scheduled Presentation has to be modified, adapted or expanded with some new contents?

For lack of time or professinal Manpower at Location such unexpected Projects cannot be organized...

Wouldn´t it be a great Service if there were a trustable and competent Partner available on Location, who could give support and make things possible?

Network Build-Up / Recruiting

For the Build-Up of a qualified Experts-Network a Recriuting Partner-Agency can be involved or the Recruitment of Professionals can happen in-house through other Chanels:

Build-Up of a Database through Contacts, References, Acquisition through Plattfoms and Freelance Networks

The Experts

Freelancers and independent Specialists with demanded performance Profile and Qualifications, which can be placed as required and are bookable for small Projects, by the hour or are available on short call at Location.

The handling time for Bookings and Pre-Bookings depends on Type of Inquiry concerning Support Services. me and all checks availabilities, makes Proposals, informs about Possibilities and arranges collaborations.

The Booking Process

Depending on requested Qualification and demanded Service, the Expert/s will be selected and brought in touch with Business Clients. 


The Lounge-Area of the Hotel is a Place of Get-Together and a Rest-Area the same time - the most diverse Needs should be satisfied there in a suitable Ambience with good Atmosphere:
one time calm and smooth, next social - the Lounge Zone has to be flexible.

When making use of modern Communication Technologies in the Hotel-Lounge (as in other Zones/Areas aswell, e.g. the Bar etc.) the following has to be considered:

how can all Guests make use of the available Kommuniction Instruments in equal measure?

which Possibilities are there to combine available Applications according to requirements?

The Solutions is the Integration of a  Modular System, allowing Availability for all and an individual, flexible Configuration of different Kommuniacation Tools/Applications!

Flexible Solution

Some Technology Tools are installed fixed and available to allow all Guests to benefit, as for example the MediaWall which connects Peolpe with Services and Applications in-house and outside of the House.

Modular Technical Applications complete the Services in the Lobby and other Areas:

For special Needs, as e.g. working alone, having Meetings, short Presentations and Conferences, flexible Solutions has to be offered, which are adaptable to individual Situations.

Communication Elements should be addable and removable.

They should integrate into the Overall Concept harmonically, allow discrete usability and meet following requirements:


Special Areas have a �Docking Station� available - in those, Kommunication Modules can be placed when required:
the me and all Connectors

These Modular Tablet Tables allow to connect Peolpe with Hotel-Services and Outdoor Services. They allow Working alone or in a Team and offer the necessary Technical Tools and Applications. 
The flexible Integration of these me and all Modules in Meeting- and Recreation Areas allow these Spaces and Zones to be changable and dynamic.

The Modules

  • allow Private and Business Working in Lobby, Bar Area etc.
  • provide/ensure Privacy --> Docking Stations in different Areas
  • allow be be used by several People at the same time
  • Access to all Public Contents --> e.g. Contents and Applications, offered on MediaWall
  • provide basic Standard Equipment / Working Tools and Instruments --> e.g. integrated Loading Devices for Pads and Mobile Phones, USB Ports, Data Ports
  • are individually  equipable --> Possibility for adding extra  Gadgets and Hardware (e.g. SmartScanner, Printer etc.)


please see slides 28-33


Sports & Fun

New Concepts and Ideas should connect People within the Hotel and with City Services. The aim is to refine existing Service Offers and prepare them in order to reflect needs.

How can spaces and in-house Zones be combined with New Technologies and Services, to make the users and guests get profit of?

Which technical instruments are available for such Models and how can these help to carry new Applications into effect?

New Concepts and Ideas should connect People within the Hotel, with each other, but why not beyond that with Activities aswell?

Tappable Potential

Exercise Rooms offer a wide, so far untapped Potential for New Models of Services!

Hotel Guests like to employ Spaces and Fitness Equipments during their stay - these Zones hasn´t yet been regarded in order to combine them with Special Additional Services though .

The technical Potential of Live-Conferencing Technology making Tele-Presence Services possible can even take in-house Services regarding �Recreation and Activities� to a higher level:

by combining traditional Standard-Services (existing Fitness-Rooms and Equipments) with the new  Technologies in a useful way, new attractive Fields of Services are possible to implement, which create new good reasons for guests to frequent those Zones.


In-house Fitness-Zones are not Competitors for commercial Exercise Rooms located in the Cities and cannot be seen as serious Alternative Solution to visit.

The idea is to connect existin in-house Fitness-Roomes with Video technologies in  a way that there will create a wide range of new Service Offers:

Hotel Guests should no longer have to do without the usual Services they know from and professional Fitness-Studios. Because the Structures are different, the Servce Scale of a professional commercial Fitness-Studio is not transferable 1:1 

Therefore other interesting and attractive Solutions and Offers has to be created!

Workshops on Video-Walls / Fiitness-Training Clips

Workout Tranings via Video Screens replace the Personal Trainers and Fitness Coaches: from Yoga Lessons to Endurance Training and Body Building, Kickboxing, Power Circle Trainings and even Dancing Classes for all Styles.

Half-hour Coaching-Videoclips lead thoriugh �half-virtual� Courses, where the Participants do their Workout at the in-house Fitness-Zone while the Trainer is not acting live on stage but is visible and give his instructions by Videotape.

Once being produced, the Video-Training Clips, showing Workouts and Trainings of many different kinds, can be joined as often as desired, by single Persons or in Training-Groups  - without making appointments and with wide choise of Training Programms: Fitness on Demand!

Fitness Zone

Offers expandable as desired...

  • Bigscreen Video Wall or similar --> to play the Training Clips
  • usual Fitness Equipment (Exercise Machines etc.)
  • low expenses on Manpower --> Scouts help choosing and start Clips
  • Video-Clips of Trainers/Workouts --> recorded/produced


  • Guests can can choose from different available Training-Videos --> Type of Sports and Trainer
  • Hotel-Scouts help with Informations regarding the Courses
  • Training for single Pesons or Groups

--> Groups-Training shown on BigScreen
--> Single Training on portable Video-Tablets and Earphones

--> low Expenses on Coordination Manpower, no Extra Stuff neccessary

maximum Utilization
--> one-time Kosts for Video Production (evtl. plus Licenses, Usage terms)
--> flexibly applicable in all Hotel Locations

Virtual Trainers

The Coaching- and Trainings-Videos will be recorded and produced in advance. Acting Trainers could be qualified Professionals, Personal Trainer located in the City or authorized top specialized  and fully-fledged  Trainers. Production and Shooting Organisation will cause costs in advance, which can vary depending on Qualification and Awareness Level of the operating Trainer:

wheter if it is a no-name Trainer or a recognizable Specialist and Personal-Trainer or (as a high-end Version) even a prominent Sportsperson...

Possible Offers
Offers expandable as desired...

  • Yoga and Relaxation Exercises
  • Fitness Workouts (Pilates etc.)
  • Endurance Training and Body Building
  • all kinds of Dancing Classes
  • Golf-Techniques
  • may more

Trainers & Coaches

Videoclips showing prominent Sportspersons operating as Trainers or Persons having a great publicity by being connected with Fitness-related Products and Services, appeal and stimulate People to make use of the new Service.

Some Examples of relevant Persons:
Ursula Karven, Klitschko Brothers, Soccer Players, Golfers, Dancers etc.

Cost + Benefits

Alongside the one-time  Cost Expenditure for Creation and Production etc. of the Training-Clips there is the great Benefit Factor: Once created they can be used as often as desired in all Hotel-Locations and Cities. If not chosing prominent Sportspersons as Trainers, Costs regarding Licenses can be reduced. A Cost-Benefi-Analysis is essential in regard to this Service Offer ...

--> for furter Informations please see chart 38