A new challenge that will create a network of connectings and transform the way you travel .

A game played by all the members in and out the hotels, all they need is to be connected and start to create their networks, enlarge their knowledges and get credits that will give him access to new levels and priviledges.

The Me & All Fun will be a huge network trivial where every members must participate to get scored.

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The hotel must create a trivial quiz about several themes, like the hotel history, services, city soroundings metters, city history, arts and entertainments vicinities, and so on....

This themes will have different levels of difficulty and each week will have a new theme. Answering right will give credits and at the end a passage to a new level of player.

Members can play as one or create teams for different themes, each victory will lead to new benefits like, an entry to a local event, or a visit to a city monument, .... and then the ultimate goal: a new status as member

The members can be on the hotel or continue the playing on different places like championships and network games, they must create a large connecting network to win some challenges and to have local information when needed.

The hotel must give clues with information to ask the quiz and those clues and mini championships will be available on the inside digital displays.

Also some performances that take part of the week theme will take place on the hotel, like mini history to entertain the guests and make them related with each other, imagine a mini hercule poirot episode inside, where everyone is a suspect.... alll digita displays must be used for the purpose before and after.

The city establishments also participate on this game introducing new clues and challenges with the propor bonus




To being able to play you must be a hotel member, this doesn't mean that you must be a hotel guest. You can be a local citizen or from another city or country and you can play from any where, the game will be available online and at the hotel inside digital displays.


To be a hotel member you must first create your profile, that can be done online in the hotel's website or when you make the hotel check-in or at the hotel inside digital displays.


The hotel must create a trivial quiz about several themes, where the members Knowledge and skills to make 'new friends' will be tested. The themes are:

hotel history and services - brown theme
the city history � yellow theme
city soroundings metters � green theme
arts and entertainments vicinities - pink theme
city gastronomy (Restaurants) � orange theme


The game will be orginazed into cicles of 5 weeks (1 cicle = 5 themes in 5 weeks).

In each week one of those themes will be tested into 5 questions. Those questions will have 3 different levels of difficulty, with corresponding credits:

Easy level � 1 credit
Medium level � 2 credits
Difficult level � 3 credits

Answering right will give you credits and passage to a new theme at the end of each week. But to get to the next week you must answer rigth a minimum number of questions, for instance:

to get to the 2nd week or 2nd theme, you must correctelly answer 3 questions
to go to the 3rd and 4th week, you must correctelly answer 4 questions
and to arrive the 5th week you must correctelly answer all 5 questions


Each week victory will lead the player, with the most correct answers and more credits acumulated, to the 'week benefit'. For exemple:

if it is the pink week or theme, the winner wins a free entry to a local event, like a theather play
if it is the brown week, the winner gets a free SPA treatment at the hotel
if it is the yellow theme, the winner wins a free visit to a historic monument
if it is the orange theme, the winner gets a free gourmet meal at a local restaurant

The week winner will also receive an important extra clue, a clue to help him win the 'cicle chalange'. This clue is provided either at the hotel or at the vennue where the benefict takes place. (For exemple, If you wone a free entry to the theater, you will receive there a clue from the actors.)

The winner players have the possibility to convert the 'week benefit' into 5 credits, if they are unable to sease the benefict, such as the on-line players.


At the end of the 5th week a last chalange is given to the players. It's a great opportunity to those who want to increase their credits. Win the chalange and gain more 20 credits. This chalange could be, for exemple:

A performance at the hotel provided by city performers: like a mini Hercule Poirot episode, where everyone is a suspect.... even the guests. To win the chalange the players must solve the mistiry.

A gastronomy live class oriented by a local chef, open to all guest and hotel members. The palyers will receive a task in advance: they must know the recepy and help the Chef finding all the ingridiants.

In the 'Cicle Chalange' you should use the extra clues (given to the winners week) and all hotel digital displays. If you are on-line player or you if don´t have all or any extra clues or if you don't have acess to all the digital displays, you migth find partener´s (such as local members, guest members, best quoted members) and work as a team to win the cicle chalange and increase your connecting network. Make the best connections and win extra credits!!!

The ending chalange reprents the end of a CICLE and the begining of a new FIVE WEEK CICLE . At each cicle new members can enter the game. Those who are already playing, can suspend their game at the end of a cicle without loosing credits and start again everytime a new Cicle begins. But, you loose your acumulated 'cicle credits' if you quit in a midle of a cicle.

The ultimate goal is to obtain a new Status Member. This status gives you VIP Benefits, like free staying hotel weekend, services discounts, ...

To obtain this satutus, memebers have to reach 1000 credits. 

more to come.....

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