germophobia. not to be confused with germanophobia


there is a major flaw with your plan for a touchscreen hotel lobby. me-and-all puts the germ into germ-any.  this could make the hotel "ground zero" for epidemic disease outbreak.  

so my concept will be decidedly out of touch with the brief.  in the interest of public safety, this idea  features anti-touch screens.  this will be accomplished with a grid of low powered invisible laser beams.  by interrupting the laser beams, we can accomplish the same gestural user interface of a trendy touchscreen without the irresponsible health risks.

additionally, i propose taking full advantage of the floor area in front of the screen with pressure sensitive tiles that recognise foot gestures.  used in conjuction with hand gestures, it allows a greater degree of finesse to the user.  for example, the feet can be used to simulate right and left mouse button clicks or holds.  and of course the foot controller tiles can be used to play side by side  group  dance dance revolution.

the controllers tiles will form a unique decorative pattern on the floor, and light up to act as a contextual user guide to onscreen functions.  guests will be able to activate any floor tile in the room as an active controller by unlocking it with a "hello" gesture.  then they can join an ongoing activity or start their own.

from a practical standpoint, eliminating the need to touch the screens will save the hotel major money by avoiding many hours of labour for the cleaning staff.  fingerprints and smears are unsightly, and maintaining an unobstructed view would mean constant  wiping. 

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