Matching needs
Matching needs


Update 2012-01-05

Added visual working example , slides 3 to 5 and incentives for local profiles, slides 11 and 12.

�Matching needs� is a profile based platform which allows to stablish contact with other profiles which match the requirements that you are looking for.

The profiles can be personal profiles or company profiles.

Each guest booking in a Lindner Hotel will be invited to join the platform by downloading a free application that will allow him/her to create a personal or company profile and start interacting with other profiles.

Besides the inhabitants, companies and institutions of the cities where the Lindner Hotels are located can also apply to be include in the platform with its own profile.

This way the platform allows to interact  the hotel guests among each other and also with the city profiles.

The platform basically works this way:Your requirement, what you are looking for, is delimited through several filters until the profiles that match that requirement are shown to you.

Working example

John is an architect that will stay in a Lindner hotel in Berlin to attend to the �New uban strategies for the XXIst century� conference. He is interested in contacting with people that will attend to the conference too so he install the application, uploads his profile and search via the quick search the conference and find 3 more guest that will also attend to it; he also is linked to the profile that the conference has submitted to the platform.

He ask via private  message to the conference profile about certain issues related to one of presentations of the conference and also send privates messages to the three guest attending in order to know if they will be interested in sharing the transportation to the place where the conference will take place and if they are also interested in having lunch toguether to know each others.

Iphone in the hand picture by Shht! under creative commons license