SPACE - is a Me-and-All Community Lounge design concept.


This proposal features architectural solutions how to create new kind of connectivity.

Local Community is a newest trend in world architecture now. A Local Community is a group of interacting people sharing the environment. Local community is effective in neighbourhood socializing. In case of MeandAll we have to create another type of Community - which may be called the Dynamic Community. Involved people neither neighbours, nor old friends or relatives � they are just travellers and hotel guests. Dynamic community offers dynamic relations between people, who need to socialise. May be You have only some few days and even few hours in some city - Dynamic Community allows you to find friends and business partners. Main instrument in community making in hotel is a design of the Lounge. The concept of the Lounge features 5 zones as transparent spaces: checking-in, relax, meeting, working, and communicating. Each space designed to stimulate co-doing: co-working, co-relaxing, co-mmunicating. You can link together mobile tables, play desk ice hockey and games on virtual wall, search city map on media wall, etc. Attractive transparent interior with specials zones - spaces will assist people to co-mmunicate and have fun.

ALL visualisations, and interior concepts elemements are made specially to 

Connecting me with all  contest.