shape shift
a morphing version of the video media wall


depending on the specific needs of any moment,  there is a different optimal shape for the video wall.  there is no perfect configuration.  so i propose building the video screen surface from an array of small monitors that move in choreographed formation to produce an infinite variety of complex curves while maintaining edge contiguity.  both concave and convex screen shapes are possible in single and double curvatures.  for example: a wrap around screen shape would be best for immersive content such as viewing panoramic images, while a convex screen would allow people seated all around the room to have a comfortable unskewed viewing angle.  the transformations will be performed through machine automation and editable preset scenes initiated by cues from the user or the computer applications being run.  environmental sensors can be used to perform subtle automatic functions in the background like angling the screen away from the solar glare.

shape changes can also be used for dramatic effect, adding an extra dimension to multi media presentations.  there may be times when some monitors should break surface formation in order to draw attention to specific content.

giant video walls are already rather passé.  my version makes it something new and exciting.

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