All and Me
More to come


Me and all : USB watch

                                � the new USB watch can hold all your data, health statistics, reservation tickets, music (streaming it to your wireless headphones � ex: iRiver watch), video and photo memories;


Me and all :Website  

    Simple screen with:

               -interactive dots, each dot corresponds to a form to be complete

               -talking dots (explaining what they represent and how to complete the form)

       -In order to advance to the next form, people have to unite the dots

       -In order to finish the reservations guests have to write Me / All

                          - Me �  own and family reservation

                           - All  -   friends or as a surprise package reservation

                     The dots and screen can be in different colors representing each country flag. (ex. For Germany � black screen with red and yellow dots)

                    The website can be used to leave a message to other hotel guests, family or friends abroad.


2D and  3D hotel view and for each room

                     Possibility to link with other future clients, when the reservation is done � the user can be announced about other future hotel guests from the same area and in the same period of time, to link and discuss with them

                      Possibility to create a profile for each future guest, with likes/dislikes, way of life,  based on which the hotel�s restaurant can create their favorite dish, create a very healthy/maybe extreme daily program(sometimes opposite to their style of life), places to eat, visit, recommend style of room to rent.

Me and all  :  Disabled Guests

 - Visually impaired guests  - GPS System for visually impaired guests, with a number of sensors to detect obstacles and announce the person in question.

-  Disabled Guests  - city map specially designed for disabled guests and people hired to help them when needed.

- Deaf Guests - possibility to hire a translator, city guide and phone apps.

     All this offered for free or in the price during the registration form.

 Me and all -  Rent factory

            Sport Package: Tracksuit + sneakers, a bicycle, a GPS system , city map and Surroundings
Mountain package: Tracksuit + Trekking shoes, binoculars, camera, GPS, backpack
Night Out package : A dress + A suit, Theater tickets, restaurant reservations,

Every package item is optional.
Clothes for sale (with the possibility to rent the expensive ones)
Equipments for rent
city map and surroundings - for free

Me and all  -  Random Day Program :

              Each day - for each guest, the hotel will create a program for that day - the program combines sport, sightseeing, night out starting with morning run and finishing with a romantic night under the stars.

If you are alone the programs can be combined with the beautiful�s neighbor on the third floor

 Me and all  - Friendly pay 
           The dinner was delicious, but it looks like you forgot your wallet in the room. No problem. Just call us or activate the friendly pay system on the mobile phone and the hotel will pay it for you. You can repay it in one week period (for example). The system works with all the collaborators in the city.

  Me and all  - Trading platform - 
          Is time to visit the city, but the guests cannot decide where to go. Go to the community lounge and check the trading platform. You could find a pair of theater tickets, a reservation to the restaurant or a speed boat reserved for sightseeing offered for trade or sell. Just select /check and offer to buy/trade the tickets. 

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