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The Application (for the guest)


The guest will receive a compatible handheld device upon check � in featuring the Me and All app. This may be an iPad, iPhone, Galaxy Tab or whatever device is expedient. The app may, alternatively to handheld devices, be featured on the guest�s in room interactive TV (IPTV or from a Deutsche Telekom centralised On Demand Server). This will reduce roll out cost of buying each guest an expensive smartphone or tablet, while TV�s on the other hand are generally ubiquitous in hotel rooms. Guests may use their own devices but this setup would be complicated because of compatibility issues with the diversity of smart devices guests will own. Guests may also not necessarily feel obliged to undergo extraneous effort to download the app. The key is seamless integration. Locals will also have access to the app for free, keeping them in tune and connected to the guests and hotel activities.


The application for the �me and all� guest and �urban local� connection platform will guide the guest into a user interface featuring two separate tabs-that is the �Me� Tab and the �All� Tab.

The �Me� tab will give the guest access to the activities and services available to the guest as an individual and the �All� tab will give the guest access to activities and services available and suited to groups and networks. This allows the guest to choose their level of interaction per time to facilitate both private time and community time. 


The guest then chooses the event, service or activity of best interest and receives the relevant information on contacts, time, venue, directions and other participants. This allows the guest to collaborate with other guests for activities. At this point the guest�s RSVP will be sent, therefore adequate planning and logistics can be done by Lindner (easing management of events issues for the hotel).


Locals may participate in events through a �Join In� feature. The hotel can use this to draw extra volumes, thereby generating extra revenue through downstream services to the external guests.

The Application (for management)

The hotel managers and key staff will also have access to a special management app that provides real time analysis and observation of the individual (me) and group (all) events.This will allow the managers to do adequate planning and logistics to ensure the needs of the guests are met at all time.



Services and Activities

Lindner Virtual World

 To overcome the tendency of guests to shy away from interaction with people they barely know, guests will enter a real time active Virtual World on their in room TV's or hotel handheld devices. Guests will create a virtual character of themselves and will have the ability to assume an identity of their choice. The idea is based on the popular "Second Life" concept. Locals in the city may join this virtual world online. Users will have headsets/earpieces that will allow them to speak to each other over the virtual platform. Guests may also have the option to text each other over the platform.

·        Live Performances and Shows- the guests will use the provided app to choose performances from local entertainers through a voting system. Local bands, poets, comedians and live theatres will hold intimate, trendy, fresh, light, communicative and authentic performances. This will also draw local fans of the performers, thereby encouraging interaction between guests and locals.

Guests will also have the option of finding shows and performances outside the hotel where they will also interact with the community.

·         Lindner Touch Tables � in line with the mandatory design requirement, the guests in the group workspaces (all) will have access to interactive touch tables. The touch screens will feature multiplayer games such as poker, racing and chess (multi player role playing games (MMORPG) all on screen). The touch tables will also feature recommended meals, restaurants, sites and activities, all of which will carry ratings from previous guests. Since these are group workspaces, they will feature activities suited to multiple concurrent users. Guests can also arrange and converge activities and events. Tables will also provide discussion suggestions every few minutes to keep conversations flowing and interesting. Guests will receive challenges in design, critical thinking and coordination. Groups will compete against groups on  inter-connected touch tables. They will be able to sketch,collaborate and workout problems on the tables.

In the individual/personal workspaces (me), the guest will have access to a variety of work related apps, including word processor and internet access. Guests will also have access to personalised functions such as their choice of markets analysis, news, music, videos (from a Deutsche Telekom centralised On Demand server, possibly at extra cost) and social networks. Guests will also be able to make Deutsche Telekom VOIP phone calls and video calls (Telepresence).

For additional revenue streams, the hotel can open up advertising space for local businesses that would like to be associated to the prestigious Lindner brand and its professional guests. Advertisers will have access to Lindner guests, predominantly shakers and moves in the business world.

Entrepreneurs from the community can also advertise business opportunities and joint venture opportunities.


·         Lindner Touch Wall- on the touch walls, guests may post pictures (Collage) and videos of the places and sites they have visited. The screen will share Geotags/ coordinates and directions to the places including recommendations and ratings.

 The wall screen will also pose as a gallery to show artworks of local artists, painters and sculptors. This will give the guest a feel of the local artistic culture.

The wall will also feature a business network app, that connects business people both within and outside the hotel. 

The wall will also feature hotel and city, services and  activities.

The wall will also feature adverts of local businesses, shows, events and performances

The wall will feature high definition/3D landscapes, such as waterfalls and mountains along with corresponding audio to mimic a natural environment.

Guests and visitors may have a live view of Lindner Virtual World activity.


·         Lindner Home Experience- Lindner will work with Local Urbans, where Lindner will collaborate with locals to host dinner parties for guests in their homes. This will allow guests to have a feel for the heartbeat of the city and connect them with the locals.


·         Lindner Books- from the centralised On Demand Server, guests will along with music movies and videos will also have access to a wide variety of ebooks.


  •   Lindner Food �guests will access to user rated menus, meals and restaurants. They will also have information on local cuisine. Guests may also invite other guests for meals in real time via the app. Guests will be able to predefine their meals through the app from a wide variety of dishes unlike the limited a la carte menu.
  • Lindner Inter Hotel Link- guests will be networked with guests in Lindner Hotels in different locations.  Guests will be able to interact with guests in other hotels for both business and pleasure via Telepresence, VOIP for both business and leisure

  • ·         Lindner Health-guests will have access to personal trainers, doctors and pharmacists at the touch of a button. These will cater for all the guests� health and fitness needs. Guests may also invite another hotel guest as a gym partner


·         Lindner Utilities- guests will have access to utilities such as room service, valet service, room cleaning, laundry, emergency services.


  • Lindner Travel �guests will be connected to travel agents to facilitate all their travel requirements.


  • Lindner Security-because the security of the guest is of utmost importance, guests will have access to a rapid response panic button.


  •  Lindner After-Experience-Lindner will find it necessary to stay connected with their guests. This will attract repeat business ensuring continuous revenue streams. Guests will stay connected to the hotel and local urbans through the app and social media.

Guests will receive regular updates of special offers and events.


















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