me&all_City is avirtual city, where guests can interact with local people and businesses.


Basic description (more to follow):

The idea is to create a virtual city, built over the actual maps of the city where the hotel is in, and with the actual information of people and businesses in it. 
Local businesses and businesses-men, service suppliers (and anyone interested in participate or engage in a business relationship with the hotel and its guests) will sign up into becoming a part of the city, having their own profiles and avatars.
Guests will create their own profiles and avatars as well, and all the avatars will live in the virtual city (each for every one of the cities where the hotels will be), having as the center of the city the hotel itself. 
Avatars will be able to talk and relate to each other and to perform different kind of commercial-business activities, such as ordering supplies or hiring services. 
The city will be available in an app that can be installed in smartphones, tablets or laptops, and of course, in the Multimedia wall and the touch tables. 

This idea has two main features: 
1. Building a database for the Hotel, un wich all potential clients, customers, service suppliers, future business partners, etc. will participate. 
2. Taking online actions into real life experiences, allowing customers and clients to solve problems and purchase services or goods directly from their digital devices, and receiving the benefits phisically in the hotel (or wherever it may be). 

More to follow...!