Die App die begeistert, Zeit erspart und so komfortabel ist, wie ein “Me&All”- Hotelbett!
The app that excites, saves time & is as comfortable as a "me&all" hotel bed + technical highlights!


the english version starts at Chart 24 

brief description: 
The concept includes ideas, how to assist the guest in the new city best, offers him a special comfort and saves a lot of time. Primarily this is done through an intelligent app, thats not only limited for smartphone usage, but also readily available in the room on preinstalled tablet-PCs. In addition, there are machines that guarantee a quick check in / out. Also the room-key is no longer a mystery because of an intelligent KeyFree-technology. The key is detected easily in your briefcase,handbag or trouser pocket and opens the door. In addition, the guest has the opportunity to network with other guests or residents and meet interesting people. The guests can fully concentrate on the stay and find their way around quickly.

By a profile, that you can create in the app, it is possible to separate between business-guest and tourist-guest. So "Me&All"-hotels can better meet the needs.