Create your own 'DIGI'. Bring your digital droid to 'life' and make it your own personal guide.

Interact with him every time and in every digital supports you can, choose all or choose between the three DIGIS: the MeDIGI, GuiDIDGI and NetDIGI and give them the let them grow with your choices and be the match of your personality.

MeDIGI will become your hotel guide if you choose it .This droid will give you all the hotel information: services, staff, facilities and all kind of curiosities about the hotel matters, like it's most popular guests; it's foundation; history; etc. It will adquire your choices and creates the perfect environment for gives you a pleasent stay

MeDIGI can also provide all the information about the room your staying and help with the changes that you would like to see in it.

This special droid will keep, as well, all your data. It will save your likes and dislakes: your favorite hotel services; your wakeup hour; what you usually like for breakfast; what newspaper you like to read; etc.

GuiDIGI is the city guide. It's the droid that has all the city information: history, monuments, facilities, restaurants, arts, entertainments, gastronomy, etc.

Keep your droid posted with your tastes, the places that you would like to visit, your favorite food, your art interests and Cdigitus will create for you a daily itinerary. This itinerary will have all the vennues and places details, for instance it will provide you with the monuments histoty; art pieces description; the restaurants menu; the opera, dance and plays resumé; etc.

And if you wish so, the GuiDIGI can actually make reservations in advance at the theatre, concerts, museums, monuments, restaurants, etc.

NetDIGI is the social droid, it likes to keep up with all the hotel guests. and also has the capacity to interact with other social droids and help you find guests with compatible interests.

This droid can help you make new friends and connections, you just have to provide your NetDIGI with all the information about you that you would like to share with others. If you have also created the MeDIGI and GuiDIGI, your NetDIGI can simply connect with the other two droids and update your interests and tastes.

NetDIGI will be your personnal friends network, while your staying at the hotel. Through your social droid, you can invite your hotel friends to a dinner, to visit the city together or you can simply sugest them the places that you most enjoy visiting.


Each one of these droids increase their sises with the information that you make available for them. This means, they start becaming bigger the minute you start providing them with all your data: interests, tastes, likes and dislikes concernning the hotel, the city, the other guets, etc.

Theres another way to increase your droid(s):

For instance, you will turn your MeDIGI bigger everytime you use a hotel service: like the gymnasium; the digital displays; a massage; etc.

The same way happens to your GuiDIGI, if you go to the places, museums, restaurants, etc, that your droid sugested you in the itinerary.

And Finally, the more friends you make at the hotel and city, the bigger your Sdigitus becames.

Use all you can to increase your droids and turn them into the GoldDIGI.


The GoldDIGI, the golden droid, is the the combination of the other three droids. This special droid will represent you in a global way, it's your international droid.

Through this droid you will be connected with the hotel's international network and everytime you travel to a different city, the hotel staff will know all about your needs, being able to provide them in advance. In your arrival, you will have your room and services prepaired with all your requests.

The golden droid will also give you information about the cities and countries that you'll be visiting, giving you all the details about it's history, culture, soroundings, etc.

You can also expand your friends network to a global level with the help of the GoldDIGI. It will help you find new connections and friends by establishing contact with others guests GoldDIGI. Trough the GoldDIGI you can exchange other international guests travel tips, hotel sugestions, city most beatiful places, best restaurants, etc. This will help you decide the next city to travel or not.

GoldDIGI will be kept informed by the other three droids everytime you are staying in a diferent hotel, city or country. You just have 'to increase' your other droids


It's important to continue the theme in the hotel interior so a family friendly DIGILAND will be recreated using roaming robots characters for accessorized in interior, this inside DIGIS are equipped with digital interfaces to keep the guest on-line and updated every time.

DIGIS will make part of the stay, knowing the guests and make them suggestions (with the remote help of control), entertaining the all family and amazing the little ones, they will introduce the guests into the beginning of the new digital approach of their world and the need of building and increasing their potentialities.... they will be the unexpected factor of a DIFFERENT STAY

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