Explore the city, get connected, benefit from cooperations - be you.


Privacy and Networking


For us it is completly normal to switch between privacy and networking, but it is important that you can show it (e.g. Skype has its status symbols).

Making a complex thing (e.g. connections between people) tangible or visual helps people understanding, they are loosing fear and they identifies themselvfs more with it.

The Idea:
Show with your profile if you are in the �private� or �networking�-mode and switch it easily with your MeAndAll-App. on the meandall-app, on touchpoints, on the mediawall, at the bar or on each table the other guests can see your status (and profile). A smart way to visualize the MeAndAll-Community, get in contact with other people - and you get the feeling of being a part of the MeAndAll-Community.

The MeAndAll-App


Today we are using our smartphone for everything - even to pay and we switch between business and private life automatically. But while we are doing it we want to be individual and independent.

The Idea:

Like in real life you can switch between business and private life with your MeAndAll-App.

Personalize your app. You choose which widgets or buttons you want to have on your desktop - the MeAndAll-App becomes a part of you and your life.

Booking, paying, searching - you do it all with your MeAndAll-App. No annoying cards needed - even your credit points are saved on your app.

The city is yours


When we walk through a city and we see something 

interesting we take a picture and share it on Facebook or we leave a short 

message on Twitter. We want to share our life with our friends - in realtime.

The Idea:

Take pictures or write messages with the MeAndAll-App and share it. The messages and pictures are watermarked with the MeAndAll-Logo. People on social media-sites seeing it get curious what MeAndAll could be. An easy way to get MeAndAll known - even if you have never seen the hotels before.



�like� a product and participate in a raffle on Facebook or get a discount on a dinner on Groupon - more and more companies using social media sites to spread their name. 

It is a 'win-win-situation' for you and the companies.

The Idea:

Post a cafe, a shop, a car-sharing-service, etc. that is cooperating with MeAndAll and get a discount for it.  

MeAndAll makes the city more interesting for its guests and you help companies to become known even to people who are not living in the city.