MAKIme - Connecting.Business.Travelers.
MAKIme connects business people that share interests and happen to stay in the same location.


Just one contact can change your life! 

During one of her business trips, Stefanie Lang � the founder and CEO of MAKIme, has come up with the idea to create a unique networking platform (web service and iPhone app) which connects business travelers from all over the world.


You are on your next business trip in a city where you don�t have any contacts. Instead of having a solitary dinner in the hotel room, you connect with other business travelers, who are staying at the same hotel or are close by, and meet them in person - in the hotel lobby, for example.

This is what MAKIme is about. MAKIme brings business people together and makes sharing 'offline' interests and activities easier than ever before. MAKIme helps business people to keep a healthy Work-Life-Balance before, during and after their business travels through web and mobile means.

Booking your hotel room or checking-in at the reception desk of your hotel will provide you seamless data transfer and manage your networking details. Then you will be able to see on your iPhone, notebook or even television in your hotel-room, who is nearby and contact other interesting people who happened to stay at the same hotel.

The solution is available on

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