ALLERT - the me and all Guests-Paper
please see the english description/concept from slides 7-12


 �ALLERT � You have your hands on it!�

The primary ambition of the me and all Ideas Competition is to connect people with each other and with Services, Places and Attractions of the City.

A nice smile and a friendly �Good Morning� are a good start in a new Day.
This is especially the case for Travelers in Vacation or being away in Business. A positive way to start the Day not only helps us to be emotionally prepared for our Businesses and Activities, but furthermore gives us a Feeling of Comfort and a familiar Sense in a foreign City.

New Technologies can make our Stay in a Hotel more Comfortable and help us to link with the Services of the urban Environment, to simplify and ease complex Processes.  

How can modern Technologies with their great Potential and the various Possibilities they offer be utilized for me and all Hotels and at the same time allow its Guests to get in real Contact with their Environment?

How could a sensible Service look like, which animates Guests to use a Hotel-App and �Platform and creates a tangible Value?

We invite the Guests to express themselves! What are they interested in, what kind of Services would they like to join, which Themes would they like to read about?
The become part of a wonderful Project whose Product/Output they can enjoy each and every Morning: the me and all Guests-Newspaper is the haptic achievement of a lived Collaboration!

 �ALLERT � You have your hands on it!�