One touch is all you need
You are the "key" - your fingerprint is hotels ultimate key


- For everything in modern life we need some �key� to enter it or use it. 
  We need key to enter our homes, we need passwords to enter our emails
  or some other web applications etc. 
- But with modern technology nowdays one thing can be key for many doors. 
- Modern hotels are trying to make something that will ease their guests 
   in their accomodation. They are inovating multitask keys, or they are 
   using modern signature panels in restourants so they don�t need to go at 
   counter to put their credit card passwords, and so on and on and on. 
- Sometimes that can be not easier for quests, but even more confusing.
- Thats why we made a new revolutionary �key� for every guest in our
- Every guest is sepcial to us and every guest should have it�s
  own special key and more interesting - every GUEST IS A KEY!
Now you probably ask how?
- Well it�s simple every person is special in that way that has unique mark.
  That mark is your fingerprint, and we found a way to use it in combination
  with modern technology. 

Your fingerprint will be your ultimate key in our services.

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