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ImmobilienScout24 is looking for a convincing HR-Image-Campaign.

€7,500prize pool

ImmobilienScout24 is looking for a convincing HR-Image-Campaign.


ImmobilienScout24 as a company
ImmobilienScout24 is the leading real estate portal on the German-speaking internet and the number one when it comes to property. Every month ImmobilienScout24 impresses over five million people with its variety of services, innovative products and valuable advice about real estate matters. The portal has long since been much more than a mere search engine for houses and apartments. ImmobilienScout24 has developed into a service platform for all property-relevant topics, such as lifestyle and furnishing, building properties and moving house, real estate valuation and homebuilding mortgages. As well as covering residential properties the portal is also the market leader for commercial properties and is meanwhile also Germany’s biggest comparison portal for homebuilding mortgages. For real estate providers ImmobilienScout24 is the most important marketing partner and navigator through the digital world. And even if you’re on the move a lot you can still maintain an overview of property matters relevant to you: with innovative applications for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices the users of ImmobilienScout24 are always one step ahead. More than one million downloads of the ImmobilienScout24 apps underline the market position of the number one site for property.

ImmobilienScout24 as an employer
The success story of ImmobilienScout24 began in 1998 with 12 employees. With the inspirational idea of bringing together providers of real estate and those searching for it via the internet, ImmobilienScout24 revolutionized the market and grew rapidly: in the year 2000 ImmobilienScout24 already employed a staff of 150; the company meanwhile has over 500 employees at its headquarters in Berlin-Friedrichshain. Despite its continuing positive development and constant growth ImmobilienScout24 has remained a flexible, innovative company with flat hierarchies. As the market-leading and continuously fast growing innovative business of the future “internet” industry ImmobilienScout24 is constantly setting new benchmarks in the property sector with high-quality products. The company offers challenging jobs with long-term perspectives in which employees can quickly take on responsibility and achieve goals as part of a creative team. Staff can pursue a career and also combine it with a family at the same time. As well as comprehensive further training programs and career opportunities ImmobilienScout24 also offers flexible working hours, events, sporting activities and a whole lot more – right in the heart of Berlin. In the Germany-wide competition ‘Germany’s Best Employer 2011’ ImmobilienScout24 was awarded with the Great Place to Work® seal of approval.

Although virtually everyone in Germany is familiar with the ImmobilienScout24.de online platform, not many of them realize that ImmobilienScout24 is a highly modern German internet company with its headquarters in Berlin and a staff of over 500 - and is therefore a highly attractive employer. With a convincing human resources image campaign ImmobilienScout24 wishes to increase its profile as an employer and access the relevant set of applicants, who are searching for an exciting, contemporary workplace in Germany.

Task Definition

Develop ideas for a human resources image campaign for ImmobilienScout24.

ImmobilienScout24 is looking for an overall campaign concept with a focus on print and online advertisements. But examples of how you could transport your idea into other media, e.g. at recruiting trade fairs or as guerilla marketing, are also very welcome.

Your campaign should position ImmobilienScout24 as an attractive German employer – focused on four departments:


  • IT
  • (Online) marketing
  • Product management
  • Sales/Distribution


(See Materials section for brief descriptions of the different departments)

Your advertisement motifs can either appeal to all departments or be specifically relevant to each individual area.

The benefits of a career at ImmobilienScout24 are summarized in the Employer Brand Key.

Target Group

Potential new employees (m/f) in the four departments


  • IT
  • (Online) marketing
  • Product management
  • Sales/Distribution


The campaign should appeal to


  • University graduates and people with high potential
  • Young professionals and professionals (with more extensive professional experience)



In line with the Employer Brand Key from ImmobilienScout24 the tonality is shaped by:


  • Curiosity
  • Drive
  • Enthusiasm
  • Respect


Mandatory requirements

  • The ImmobilienScout24 logo may not be changed.
  • You have absolutely free rein in the choice of all other design elements.
  • Your campaign statements should correspond to the Employer Brand Key.
  • The campaign is aimed at the German market.

Useful links:



Download material

Click on the following links to download working material and additional information related to the project.


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Can I submit idea (s) in English, including headlines or sub lines if I got some?

what kind of program can I use to open the file of the logo?

Hey hitacecericita,

You can open the file with photoshop

cheers, Jeroen

How is the contest judged? thanks

Hey Liverpool,

There are 2 (judges) ways to win prize money in this contest. Community prize money, or the client buys your idea. The winners of the community prize money are decided by the ratings of the community. At the end of the contest the top 15 ideas will receive prize money for that. After the contest the client takes a look at all the ideas, and decides if they want to buy an idea from the contest. If so, they have to pay the idea author 2,500,-.

I hope this answers your question :)

Cheers, Jeroen

Hi Jeroen,

Thanks for answering my question, this should keep me busy for a while :)


Can I delete some pictures which are already on the site? Hellen

Hey Hellen,

You can do this yourself within 24 hours after uploading your idea, afterwards I can do this for you. Just lemme know which ones need to be deleted.

cheers, Jeroen

Hi Jeroen,

Thanks! I will delete some files after 24 hours ... Cheers, Hellen

Excuse moi. You can only do this the first 24 hours, afterwards only a contest guide can do this for you. So it's better to do it now ;)

At this moment I saw your message! Could you please leave the following files

1 DEVELOP TOGETHER from 1 to 10 (delete 5) 2 A PLACE FOR YOU from 1 to 9 (delete 8)

Thanks :)

Hey Immo24 participants!

We just had our half-time meeting with Immo24 and they provided us with some excellent feedback. Overall they already see some works they really like. But they had some points that they would like to stress extra:

  • Immo24 see themselves as a big company but still with a start-up mentality. They are young, fresh and relaxed. So try to stay away from old corporate visuals. (like classical “men in suits”)

  • They are looking for catchy, humorous key-visuals rather then text-ideas only. Feel free to totally different stuff than playing around with the logo.

To help you a bit, have a look at this video that helps you get-to-know the company and it’s culture a bit more. Sadly it's in German, but also without understanding the conversations you will get a good feel of what sort of company this is.


Cheers, Jeroen

Heads up creatives!

I just wrote a blogpost to give you some additional inspiration for this contest. The examples in the blogpost will give you a better idea of which direction immo24 is looking for.


Cheers, Jeroen

Nice competition everyone, thanks!

Congrats to all the winners!