Excitement on the Job

ImmobilienScout24 is looking for a convincing HR-Image-Campaign.


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Can I submit idea (s) in English, including headlines or sub lines if I got some?

what kind of program can I use to open the file of the logo?

Hey hitacecericita,

You can open the file with photoshop

cheers, Jeroen

How is the contest judged? thanks

Hey Liverpool,

There are 2 (judges) ways to win prize money in this contest. Community prize money, or the client buys your idea. The winners of the community prize money are decided by the ratings of the community. At the end of the contest the top 15 ideas will receive prize money for that. After the contest the client takes a look at all the ideas, and decides if they want to buy an idea from the contest. If so, they have to pay the idea author 2,500,-.

I hope this answers your question :)

Cheers, Jeroen

Hi Jeroen,

Thanks for answering my question, this should keep me busy for a while :)


Can I delete some pictures which are already on the site? Hellen

Hey Hellen,

You can do this yourself within 24 hours after uploading your idea, afterwards I can do this for you. Just lemme know which ones need to be deleted.

cheers, Jeroen

Hi Jeroen,

Thanks! I will delete some files after 24 hours ... Cheers, Hellen

Excuse moi. You can only do this the first 24 hours, afterwards only a contest guide can do this for you. So it's better to do it now ;)

At this moment I saw your message! Could you please leave the following files

1 DEVELOP TOGETHER from 1 to 10 (delete 5) 2 A PLACE FOR YOU from 1 to 9 (delete 8)

Thanks :)

Hey Immo24 participants!

We just had our half-time meeting with Immo24 and they provided us with some excellent feedback. Overall they already see some works they really like. But they had some points that they would like to stress extra:

  • Immo24 see themselves as a big company but still with a start-up mentality. They are young, fresh and relaxed. So try to stay away from old corporate visuals. (like classical “men in suits”)

  • They are looking for catchy, humorous key-visuals rather then text-ideas only. Feel free to totally different stuff than playing around with the logo.

To help you a bit, have a look at this video that helps you get-to-know the company and it’s culture a bit more. Sadly it's in German, but also without understanding the conversations you will get a good feel of what sort of company this is.


Cheers, Jeroen

Heads up creatives!

I just wrote a blogpost to give you some additional inspiration for this contest. The examples in the blogpost will give you a better idea of which direction immo24 is looking for.


Cheers, Jeroen

Nice competition everyone, thanks!

Congrats to all the winners!