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First Update 01.08.2011: Online-Banner online :-)
Second Update 03.08.2011: Flyer :-)
Third Update 05.08.2001: Display :-)
Fourth Update 14.08.2001: Guerilla Campaign :-)
Fifth Update 23.08.2001: Give-Away :-)
Sixth Update 28.08.2001: Edgar-Card :-)

1.) Benefits to show immo24 as an awesome employe:

  • The keyvisual shows bell-pushes with different names/ positions. So it speaks also to a higher target group. (Graduates, High Potentials, Young Professionals, Professionals)

  • Each bell-push shows in a short way how you can climb up and make career (or start on a higher level).

  • You are a human part of the company, you are one with the company (house as a symbol), you have a name - you are not only "a position".

2.) Insights:

"I�m seeking a challenging job with long-term perspectives in which I can take on responsibility quickly and can move something in a creative team. I want to get ahead and combine both career and family."

-->  Symbol to climb up/ bell pushes. ("long-term perspectives ... combine both - career and family")

3.) bell - pushes:

It's possible to work them more out ... maybe to show different bell - pushes, the lower ones are simple and the upper ones more designed - to show that a career is possible.

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