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Search for your employees where they are.


Search for your employees where they are.

By adding the Job Recruitment into the search results you have multiple benefits.
You will reach future employees which are already into Immobilien Scout.
You will reach people looking for something new people who are looking for new life goals and well most certainly a new job. 

Turn a Problem into a Win:
Most People are looking for a new living place when they already have a new job or when the move together with a Partner.

But there are Many People which are looking for new Opportunities simply by taking the challenge of a new City. This is especially the case in Berlin.
Many people come to berlin, without even to know where to work. 
Those are the people Immobilien Scout is looking for.

Like the Human Ressource Manager Lars Schmidt says: 
"More important than a straight-forward CV to me is real enthusiasm and the ability to think the corner. I want to work with people who want to make a difference and have the courage to tread new paths. "

THIS is what Immobilien Scout should shout out.
And THIS is the right way to reach them.