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See slide for full description.

The idea

IS24 is looking for established professional and want to show them that it is the best place to work in Berlin. With this print idea I want to communicate the benefit of having the chance to be in a place where the company really cares about you being making sure you are recognized for your good job and have all the benefit an employer deserves among. We will use the CEO of Immobilienscout 24 to pass the message along.

To demonstrate this we will use an interactive banner that will communicate the message above and also offer people the possibility to directly apply within the department of their choice. And a mini-website where they will upload their CV and also learn more about why it is a life time best decision to be part of immobilescout24

The interactive side of the banner

1. Click on the interactive banner

2. Enter you name, degree/qualification and the department of your interest

3. Wait for a code by sms or email

After you have the code, upload your CV via online at: and wait for an interview invitation

More online integration 

Through this campaign immobilienscout24 is showing how it means a lot to them when someone is part of the company via the CEO's message on the print posters. To show how flexible the company is we will create the first self-composed CV using ones's Facebook, Xing and Linkedin account to create a CV that will be called "impress us with your social and professional profile"

After someone has completed the three steps, they can either upload a traditional CV or use their social and professional networks to create a CV "impress us with your social and professional profile"

Banner advert

Animated banner with the same visual as the print one will be place on various target websites. Via the banner, people can directly enter their name and receive an email or an sms and then follow the above (1 to 3 steps) to complete their application process by either uploading their CV or by creating an impressive CV using their social networks data,...

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