house numbers
existing house numbers in combination with different offers and benefits of ImmobilienScout24


Benefits of using!

1. House numbers have a clear and near connection to real estate business!
By the way IS24 has got a claim with the content number 1 too!
2. Numbers can be used very good and easy to list and relate something!
3. Great variability! You can bring nearly everything in connection with a number!
4. Rising possibilities of using the design of the plates (arrows..) and its surroundings!
5. Works in print campaign, guerilla and web! 

i want to show on a few examples the potential of house numbers used to point out the different advantages and benefits of ImmobilienScout24!

If you also use the look/type of the number plates (also means numbers from-to... and arrows) and also the surrounding of it like the housewalls... you even could improve the message and also the possibilities.....

So for example, is there a arrow under the number it could also show the direction to the home of IS24 in Berlin! The home, who offers you the benefits named after the number......

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