Immobilienscout24 is more Funniest
Immobilienscout24 is more Funniest than Kindergarten


The point of my idea is.. Immobilienscout24 is more funniest than Kindergarten. The Immobilienscout24 office is more than kindergartens room, the employee can do a job like kids make their paint, robot, or crafts. The employee can sing a Helloween songs like Andi Deris at karaokes room.. The manager is not like old bad teacher, but pretty, smart and sexy like Claudia Schiffer.. :D

The 2nd Idea means sometimes the fresh graduate to much worried about their first career.. So.. Immobilienscout24 has reject that worries.. And the young n fresh employees can transform their naughty ideas for Immobilienscout24's development. 

So.. Immobilienscout24 is more funniest than Kindergarten right?? :D