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The Ritter Sport Project

RITTER SPORT, one of Germany's leading and most beloved chocolate brands, is asking you to develop a design concept for a limited edition of their big-sized chocolate bars (250g). The goal of this design project is to increase the attractiveness and appeal of the large-sized chocolate bars and create additional incentives to buy it.

Your chance

Sharpen up your illustration and graphic skills. This is your opportunity to get licensed by one of Germany's leading chocolate brands. There’s a total prize pool of €12.400 including a "Fairest Rater Award" for the person who rates ideas the fairest, a "Best Feedback Award" for the one who contributes with the most valuable feedback to the others’ ideas, as well as a “Collaboration Award” for a great team submission and a “Newcomer Award” for the best submission from the one who has been less than a year on jovoto and hasn’t yet won a prize.