Face Depression!

Put depression into the right perspective!


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are photos allowed or only graphical elements?

just found it thanks ;) a picture drawn by hand or created on the computer is just as welcome as a photograph.

= ) Thanks for your quick start!

Welcome Everbody!

we are honored to run this meaningful project for the Deutsche Bahn Foundation and the German Foundation for Depression Relief!

Excited to see your creative minds, hearts and hands going wild for this purposeful challenge.

A special welcome to the great Jury, too!

Yours Jesko

I know that this is a long lasting desease, which takes even the power to organize a therapy. Could someone fix within 3 sentences, what helps best? I fear to get lost at specialist vocabulary!

Hi, I think maybe I can help. Depression needs to be recognized and diagnosed early by a doctor. Drug treatment can help but is not necessarily a cure. Help from a specialist or therapist is very good. Support from family and friends is often the only way that a patient can improve.

Severe depression is a dark, lonely place. You think there is no escape. It's a bit like a very bad headache that keeps coming back.

If you need any more please ask. John :)

Hi there!

If I understand you well, you wish to read some more on the topic. There's a link in the "Useful Links" section where you will find a lot of info http://ifightdepression.com/en/index.php?id=5559

In case of the 3 sentences what helps I would say: - don't be ashamed - take depression seriously - seek for help

Please keep in mind that the goal here is to take an artistic approach on the topic :) Thanks, Looking forward to see your artworks!


Glad to hear that Xavier! I am also really excited about it & very curious to see your creative and artistic approaches on the topic!

Is text also allowed together with image? When I say "text" I mean a sentence at the most

Hi there! Thanks for asking. As in terms of using text - it's surely not forbidden. But please keep your focus on the artistic approach. Thanks!

over 6 years ago

Is it possible to get us some more characters for our idea descriptions? I ran out of characters and it is hard to shorten it down so much. Best, Marco

Dear Marco,

great that you are here! We limited the amount of characters to 500 since we found endless idea descriptions in many projects. Imagine you are a Jury and want to understand 247 ideas.

I know its challenging to reduce what you want to say to its essentials, but in many fields of design its very important. (And I think you managed to do so very well. = ) Secondly, especially in design challenges, the artwork should speak for itself. In the end everybody should understand it without a second reference or explanation.

If you still need more space to explain your work in progress feel free to simply add a second slide with your current state of work or background information.

Yours Jesko

over 6 years ago

Hey Jesko, in the end it did work out, I shortened it. I see your point and it's very understandable!

Best, Marco

is it possible for asians to participate or not?

Dear hoorian, the answer to this question is : definitely YES! Everyone is invited to join from whichever part of the world :)

It's always really great if different people from all over the world get involved: the more diverse people join, the more interesting the discussion and the exchange gets! So please go ahead :)

Good project. I will try to develop a proposal that meets the expectations. Greetings.

I have a question....I found the exact image to present my idea about depression. But this image is a canvas from an artist. So I transformed it to fit my goal, it means I got inspired by the canvas, but made some changes on it. Is this allowed? Thanks

I dont't think that edits from artits works are allowed.

Dear Maria,

I guess Marco is right. If you are inspired by artwork of a third party please add a clear reference (link) so we can have a look and help you to check the level of uniqueness.

Yours Jesko

I think so too Marco, let's wait for Jovoto's opinion anyway just to be 100% sure. Thank you for your kind help

Hi again! Another question: is it possible to deliver more than one work? Many thanks

You can submit up to 5 ideas.

Thanks Marco! In fact in this project you can even upload up to 10 ideas! The idea limit is different for each individual project : the upload form will tell you (on the bottom) how many submissions you can upload.

I want to share my thoughts and my doubts about the tonality: All I know about people with this mental disease is that they deny their suffer for a long time. They do not call them depression. They only feel darkness, lifelessness and an empty feeling inside. But if the depressive person see a picture with a sad and depressed man or woman there is an understanding and identification. I really think pictures with too much happiness and hope do not work because there is no identification with it. Contrary to the brief I would say the tonality of the visual has to be more dark with only a little bit hope to REACH the depressive persons, to have a identification and to take the person seriously. (Sorry for my poor English) Other thoughts are wellcome.

Dear Sybille,

thanks a lot for sharing your good thoughts. I think your english is very fine. = )

I agree in the sense that posters should not just be "bright superficial happiness". Even more if we would target depressive poeple. Here we target a wide audience. The goal of the project is to "Face Depression" – to open the stigma for a wide audience, take it serious as an illness and show there´s a way out.

We decided to let art be the medium to see, feel and be inspired by this topic. As a second goal of the project the jury’s winning images should be sold at a large auction event on European Depression Day on 1.10.2014. The proceeds will be donated to the fight against depression. So its (just) not about showing how darkness feels but a positive twist.

Does this answer your question?

Yours Jesko

I want to ask, if the artwork should be selfexplaining and understand without text?

Dear DENKdifferent,

thanks for asking! I think the best solutions would definitely be artworks that are self-explaining. But working with text is not excluded.

Yours Jesko

Hi Ramona, thanks for checking! For sure it would be fantastic if you manage to bring the message across without having to use words! But it's also not "forbidden" to integrate text into your artwork if you feel it's necessary.

Thank you for your answer! I will try the difficult way first ;)

Haha Jesko and I must have hit the reply button simultaneously :) - he was faster. Looking forward, I am happy that you will try!

I'm trying to submit my work in INKSCAPE with no success... I already tryed in different formats...Thank you for suggestions

Try exporting to bitmap (.jpeg, .png) and the upload again. That should work just fine :)

Just go to file -> export as bitmap and choose dimensions that are good to use (not too small and not too big, just regular).

I did it finally thanks to you Marco, the super hero! ;))))

Another question: is it possible to delect sketches from our profile which are not even finished and were declined as team work? In case I cannot delect it from my proflie, I think I can improve it, right? So, if I present a new version of the sketch, does it count as a new version? I'll try to explain this in a better way: I still have the chance to presente 8 more works. If I cannot delect it and if I present a new version, will I still have 8 more chances, or I'll pass from 8 to 7? Thank you for your answer.

Hi there Maria, I hope I understood your question right.

  • For each slide you have 24 hours to delete - after that you can ask the Project Guide to help you.

  • Yes, you got it right! If you have an update you should just upload it as a new slide to the already submitted idea. This way the progress of your work becomes visible when looking trough all your slides.

I hope this helps!

Thank you Dora for your reply. So, I would like you to delete my first slide, the one made on PAINT. I was expecting to get a team work on that one but I didn't, so it doesn't make sense to have a slide on the wrong format on my profile. Is this ok? Thank you. Sorry for the trouble but I'm still learning Jovoto rules.

I always add one slide that says "old work".... it used to be an arrow to the left, now with the new site layout, it should probably point downwards.... then move the old slides behind that one.

Thank you Cross the Lime for the idea!

"The actor Robin Williams was found dead in apparent suicide at his California home following a long battle against depression" :(((( R.I.P. Mr. Williams...

We just talked about it this morning, too. What a great person and actor! Its like a sad clown suffering from depression.

It shows how important it is to deal with this topic, to make it clear that yes, it is a serious disease, but there is HOPE, there is a WAY OUT! It is one of the reasons / goals of this project to give these people a helping hand.. It is a highly difficult task, but great at the same time to create something positive.

Hello! Are there any formal criteria for the project? For example, is there a given format/size for the images ? If using text, should it be in english (or german)? Should the logos of the foundation be integrated? Thanks!

Dear Frauke,

your image will be printed in high-quality at A1 format with 300 dpi. The logos should be used discreetly, since the posters should be ART not advertising.

Excited to see your work!

Yours Jesko

@Jesko Thanks for the reply! What about the language? I'm asking, because most people used english language so far, although the foundations are from Germany :-)

Dear Frauke,

If you think you really need text you can work in english, but I think german would be best for finally license and auction your artwork.

Since this is an ART project and not advertising, it would be great if you manage to reduce text or even better – just let your artwork speak for itself.

Yours Jesko

@Jesko Ok, thanks a lot for the information! Have a nice day!


Dear All,

on Monday afternoon we are going to meet Deutsche Bahn Foundation and German Foundation for Depression Relief for the Jury- and Halftime Feedback.

• Please keep in mind this project is an ART project, not advertising. The goal is to find ARTWORKS to auction off the jury’s winning images at a large auction event on European Depression Day on 1.10.2014! The proceeds will be donated to the fight against depression!

• Please show one version of your artwork without text.

• Please keep in mind that we are not looking for artworks that merely depict the dark sides of the illness!

• Your ARTWORK should be linked with the positive metaphor that the illness can be treated – to give people the courage to admit they are suffering from depression , encourage them to deal with it and seek help.

We are excited to see you fine-tuning your ARTWORK, come up with new pieces of art and present it on Monday afternoon to the Jury!

Yours Jesko

The jury feedback is very necessary. many creatives do not understand what does it mean to have some family member with this disease, there are many childish artworks do not lead anywhere.

Dear Boxdesign,

thanks for your point of view!

We will definitely discuss a lot with the Jury. I think its indeed a thin line between ARTWORKS that are taking depression as a serious illness – and adding a positiv metaphor to encourage people to seek help.

Yours Jesko

I agree with Boxdesign. I think that in this contest the depression problem is facing in an unsophisticated, childish and shallow way. I was depressed and I think that this contest could be an opportunity to face in a serious way the problem, without sentimentalism and speaking about true aspects of this disease. If a depressed person saw many of the artworks participating in this contest would feel angry and teasing. (excuse me for my English!)


Sorry! Forgot to mention to click the "read more" link

Dear Bert,

thanks for the inspiration link. The image looks indeed cruel. I think the text gives a good sense of what depression actually means if you suffer from it.

Yours Jesko

Yes idd jesko it´s all about the text. Have a nice weekend.

Dear All,

We prepared a keynote with about 60 slides for a great presentation and fruitful discussion with the Jury – and we are going to get back to you with their haftime feedback tomorrow.

Since we are getting ready right now to meet the Jury for the haftime Feedback in the DB headquarter tower in Berlin in 2 hours – here´s a very well done video for you by the World Health Organization to help understanding how depression might feel, using the metaphor of a big black dog always following you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiCrniLQGYc

Yours Jesko

Thank you for keeping us informed, Jesko! :)

Thank you for the news..looking forward for some more tomorrow!

The video says it all....very nicely done

Dear All,

with an awesome view over berlin, from the 23floor of the DB tower, we had a very fruitful and engaged Jury meeting! I just posted the HALFTIME FEEDBACK above in the briefing!

Your Jesko

Dear All,

some of you had questions about providing your artworks in high resolution A1 (300dpi).

• If you work with vectors, as all of you might know, its no problem at all. Vectors can be scaled into any size.

• A resolution of 300dpi is the optimum for (digital) fine art prints. Some do even work with higher resolutions. Of course this causes quite big data and might be harder to reach with your camera or a scan. Please try to provide the highest resolution you can reach. Since A1 is quite big and you do not put your nose directly on the picture (viewing distance) a resolution of minimum 200 dpi might be ok, too.

Yours Jesko

Thank you for the video, it explains depression very good, let´s see if i can upload an idea!

Good video, It gives an idea about the issue and a possible answer. I´ts worthy :)

Hey guys! Another inspiration came in this morning from Jesko - and I wanted to share it with you too: http://www.stern.de/fotografie/eine-krankheit-in-bildern-wie-sich-depressionen-anfuehlen-2133755-fc70b1d5ade473bf.html

It's in german, but the essence of it is that 2 Swiss Photographers captured some photographs, that try to transport the feeling of how it is to suffer from depression. The main idea behind it being that those, who never suffered from it, have a hard time to really comprehend what it's like.

I just wanted to take part with my design but I cannot download the logo to place it on the design. Could you check, if everything works with the links. I tried several times but non of your links works. Thanks for a fast answer, so I can make it in time. Lucie

Hello Lucie. Refresh the page (F5) and it will work.

Btw. You don´t have to use the logo´s.

Does not work at all, but I found a logo in the www and used this one. Submission is already done :)

Dear Lucie, the download links seem to work perfectly from our side. Maybe you need to update your browser to the latest version? If you still have trouble with downloading feel free to use the feedback tool at the bottom of every page to let our developers have a look. @Bert: Thanks for your support!

Yours Jesko

Alright, seems to be problem of safari, I just tried mozilla and it works.

I bought myself a new mac computer like about two weeks ago and I figured out that right-klick > save in "Downloads" worked for me. Just clicking on it somehow didn't work. Maybe that was her problem?!

Dear all!

Thank you for your engagement in this project and with the topic of depression! We were /and still are/ really amazed to see some seriously great works that came in over the past weeks.

The final countdown is about to begin - you have 4 more days to participate with your artwork. With the upcoming weekend you can make sure you get everything finished that you're working on. Make sure you don't miss the deadline next tuesday on September the 9th.

Please don't forget to upload "one version of your artwork without headlines and logos" as stated in the Halftime Feedback.

Thank you once again, Have a great weekend everyone!

Best, Dora

Hey Dora! Thanks for the reminder! I updated my idea and I think that changes it a lot. I didn't receive a comment from you, would love that, Dora! :) Best, Marco

So here we go : ONLY 1 DAY LEFT ! ! ! Make sure everything is up pretty soon! :) Thanks!

something is so wrong over here !!! I tried to rate it all but i simply cant , I got depression just by looking the works . Congrats to some great works and to Gustavo!!! He nailed this one!!!

I haven´t been around for quite some time - could someone please explain why you can´t sort the best 100 anymore? That´s really a pity, cause if you don´t have the time to search over 400 ideas for some rare pearls, you are not very motivated to rate at all ...

I understand that it is better like that in order to discourage bad voting behavior - which I think is very good, while there was top 50 the moment you enter the list you get kicked out. Hard.

On the other hand, wjat if the pearls were not in the best 100? Id prefer the "Random" order. I actually think this should be the default setting, otherwise the submissions from the beggining on the contest remain forgotten.

Also, if you didnt read the brief, do not vote please, because some submissions might be good looking, but out of brief. Not directly to you Janne, just saying.

I agree with you Jorge :)

Thanks guys - and hi Janne nice to see you around again! This has been a longer process that we have indeed discussed with the community and the decision to do so was made based on the arguments above.

Dear all,

I feel like I have said this a few times by now, but once again a big thank you to all of you who participated! There are many great works in here!

We are in the phase, in which all submission are complete and now it's your turn again to leave your vote under the ideas! The importance of it is big, as this will determine the community winners: So please make sure your voice is also heard in the next 4 days!

There are already over 8.000 votes by now - That's impressive! I'll keep you updated about how many there will be in total.

Thanks, Dora

You're welcome, Valters!

And as the rating phase is now over, we can tell that the number of total votes has come up to a whopping 11.696! Wow.. rating monitoring in process guys ;)

Hi there everyone,

With the voting-only-phase still up and running for a couple of hours, this project is not even over yet - and we already have very exciting news for you in terms of the Jury Prizes!Yesterday, a successful Jury Meeting took placeand we can happily announce thatthe winners will be already contacted this week - about further steps to be arranged. How exciting!

Make sure you stay tuned, as the official feedback and winners announcement are about to follow on here next week!

Yours, Dora

Thanks for that info, Dora :)

Congrats to everyone!! Where can we see the Jury Favorites?

Dear Anne,

we can officially announce them as soon as possible. I think today, maybe tomorrow.

Yours Jesko

Sorry guys, bare with us! Seems to take little bit longer but as Jesko said: as soon as possible ... Thanks!

I am sorry. We are currently still waiting for a reply from a Jury winner.

No problem. Send his mail to me. I will reply very fast :D

@Jesko Versucht doch einfach mal per Jovoto`s PM zu erreichen .

Right now we translate the official jury statment into english. = )

Congrats to the winners!

Congrats to all the winners !!!


Congratz to all :D


we were -and still are-completely enthused:since, to be honest, we did not expect to actually engage this many creatives from around the world for our briefing. We knew from the start that visually combining "depression" with a positive outlook on help is not an easy task. This is why we even more so are impressed with the scope of ideas we were able to choose from. 

On one side there is the technicalwidth of realization which impressed us: from sketches to graphics, photography all the way to sculptures and videos - all forms of artistic expressions were present.

On the other hand thewide spectrum of themes that turned the task into ideas was fascinating: tangible display such as helping hands, loopholes with ladders or bright light or very abstract visualization- based on your submissions we could see that you intensely have looked into the topic of depression.   

To all creatives that have taken part in this project we say: "THANK YOU". Each and everyone of you has submitted a great and individual piece of art.

This is what made having to define a selection even harder. Of course we had secretly formed favorites when sitting together in our half time jury meeting, but completely underestimated that following our feedback so many more impressive submissions would come in. Accordingly long we sat looking at the final designs, created a shortlist and then intensely discussed those. 

Finally we decided for five winners and on top of that created a special award:Don't carry your own cloud by Cross the Lime

Birdcage by Luchi


Depression by Steve

Die kreatvie Kraft der Depression - Krise als Chance by AlbertFranz

Special Award for the creator of the original pieces of The first step as well as the photographer that submitted the image of this piece of art – Wasaki & Uno_solo.

All of these will bepublicly auctioned off on October 1st in Leipzig, Germany. The proceeds are fully donated to the fight against depression. Amazing that you have supported this project by submitting your work!

The Jury"

Congratz to all Jury winners!

Congrats to the jury prize winners!

Congrats to all winners !

Congrats to the jury price and the community price winners :D I hope the auction will be a big success :)

Congrats to the jury prize winners!!! Good luck to all!)

Congrats winners, jury-winners and all of you who made so many great artworks.

it would be great if, in future, you can show the winning images as well as tell us who won. thanks!

Dear Dave! The winners are announced above in the comment from Jesko - each linked to the idea - just click on them :) Thanks!

There are so many good and wonderful artworks of the illness depression. What do you think about the idea to share the link of this project on the website/facebooksite of Stiftung Deutsche Depressionshilfe? Maybe some of the doctors and psychiatrist want a picture for the waiting room or the treatment room. So they get in contact directly with the artist - or with jovoto - and buy it. What do you think? It is a pity for all the good work here! Let's try :)

Dear DENKdifferent,

thanks a lot that you point out the high value of the submissions in this project, again! We all do absolutely agree – there are so many wonderful and inspiring artworks here.

We will feature this project and the results again in the upcoming newsletter as well as some impressions from the auction in Leizig in a blog post. The postcards are currently being produced and we will keep you updated.

Here´s a short update from Deutsche Depressionshilfe on their website. http://www.deutsche-depressionshilfe.de/stiftung/11054.php

Yours Jesko