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MEISSEN, the world’s leading manufactory for superior class porcelain with its rich 300 year tradition ran a first project on jovoto last year. They are now returning with an even more challenging task in terms of content and design. MEISSEN’s famous figurine collections are delicately crafted and richly detailed pieces of art which are appreciated and loved all over the world for their playful way of expressing the themes, customs and the prevailing zeitgeist of their respective eras.

The burning question for this new project is: What story or creative theme would a contemporary figurine collection tell and how would the artistic expression of a figurine collection look in the 21st century?

MEISSEN is asking you to bring their new collection of legendary figurines out from their sealed display cases and into the living spaces of today to help spark the collector’s spirit for physical objects in the new millennium.

This project gives you the fantastic opportunity to write a new chapter in the prestigious brand’s story and participate in a one of a kind project at the intersection of product design and art.

In addition to the prize pool of 10.500€ the winning designer has a chance to receive the complete collection of new figurines if MEISSEN decides to produce it without significant changes.

Awards in this project

Community Prizes

  • 1 x €1000
  • 1 x €750
  • 1 x €500
  • 1 x €250
  • 1 x €200
  • 3 x €300 Best Collaboration
  • 2 x €200 Best Feedback

Client Awards

  • 1 x €2500 Client’s Choice (incl. license)
  • 6 x €500 Client's Shortlist (excl. license)
  • 2 x €500 Halftime Award (excl. license)


This is a 4 week project:

● Submission period starts on: 04.09.2018, 17:00:00 (CET, Berlin time)

● Halftime submission deadline: 16.09.2018, 23:59:00 (CET, Berlin time)

● Client Halftime Feedback will be shared with you until 20.09.2019

If you upload a well finished Idea (or more) before the Halftime Feedback Deadline, you are in the running for one of the Halftime Awards!

● Submission phase ends on: 02.10.2018, 17:00:00 (Berlin time)

Project Jury