Crossmedia Story - Troll
A fake blogger reports about happenings in the internet and blurs reality


The story takes place in an actual Blog( A Blogger reports about trends in the web. His traces can be found anywhere in the real web. Everyday little storys are told on differend platforms (youtube, myspace, facebook, twitter), which are mentioned by the blogger. But the blogger aims much higher than staying an internet guru. This Dialog is the end of the story. It shows a video of the blogger and his pychiatrist, that will be posted to the blog, by a visitor.

The story plays with the reality. Maybe the reader knows, that the blog is fake. But he is unsure about the articles and comments. The blog can be read forwards and backwords. Also the reader is not forced to visit the other platforms, but can experience the related storys.

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Psychiatrist: Hello Mark. How are you feeling today?

Mark: Pretty good. Why do we meet today already?

P: There is something, I have to talk to you about.

M: I don't have an idea what this could be.

P: I got in touch with you internet activities.

M: Oh are you jealous, about me having more facebook friends than you?

P: Well are you sure you have that many so called �friends�

M: Of course! 275 friends. Don't you think it's unprofessional to make out a session just because of that?

P: I just want to ask you some questions.

M: Ready when you are.

P: I checked out your blog. Really interesting articles, that you write

M: Well I make good researches.

P: Your article with the Unborn Group, was really interesting.

M: You read that? What do you know about it?

P: The Unborn Group is an underground movement, that is longing for the end of our society. When everything is broken, when everything is at zero, then the Unborn Group gets to work and builds up a whole new society like they want it to be.

M: Interesting isn't it? Have you checked their website? They are really clever. These people aren't just violent hooligans without any plan. They analyse every breakdown and rebuild of every country that ever existed. This is how they built up their plan for a rebuild.

P: No I didn't know that. But I can't take them serious, when they say that they have infiltrations going on in very important positions. What do you think about it?

M: Well the infiltrants are just sleepers. Only when a breakdown of a state has happened, they start their job. While everyone is deprating and just caring about hisself. They use the political vakuum and act strategically. But well, the point about infiltrations is that nobody knows about them. Maybe you are a member of the Unborn Group?

P: I don't think so. You wrote an article about DJ Rakoon.

M: Oh yeah this guy is totally hot! But why is he important now?

P: Do you have any relationship to this musician?

M: No I just like his tracks.

P: In many forums they say, that he experiments with sound frequencies beyond the human level.

M: You mean like a dog whistle?

P: Exactly but much more professional. They say he uses same strategies like formerly used by intelligence services. They supposed to have destructive and demoralised effects.

M: And you believe in that?

P: Not really. But why haven´t you reported about that? That would be a great story for your blog!

M: Really � I never heard of that before.

P: I have to confess, that I'm really surprised about your blog. Some bloggers only can dream about such a big audience

M: Well I like to write about crazy stuff. Once I had a video, that shows frog legs, that start to shake, after salt was poured over them. After that my blog became very popular.

P: That really works?

M: Yes if you pull away the skin.

P: You are in a menthal hous and search for crazy stuff in the internet

M: Trust me, there are more crazy things than here.

P: Why have you reported about this estonian documentary? It wasn't crazy at all.

M: But it was interessting. The economy thrives but the people want the old times back. They stood normal people.

P: There was a problem with the version, that you linked. The translation was in the wrong context. The subtitles are completely wrong. I found out, that the youtube account is yours. Why don't you tell me the actual connections between your blog entries?

M: There are none.

P: Mark! Stop playing your games with me! Nothing what you said is true! You created the Unborn Group! The oldest accesses to that website took place out of this house! Eventhough Dj Rakoon had 6 concerts, nobody ever has seen him. The whole blog is full of fake content! Even all of your facebook friends are fake! You are behind each profile. What the hell are you planing?

M: Hahaha. You're really good. You really made your homework. Your research must have taken more time than the sessions with me. I didn't expect that. You know what. I really like you and right now it doesn't make any difference anymore wheter I tell you or not. Well I'm about to create a whole new society, that follows my ideology.

P: How does your ideology look like?

M: Back to Basics. The world should be simple again. Only when the world is simple and easy to understand there can be equality. This world is lying all the time. And just because the world is so complicated we believe everything. Only a few people know what is going on. This way there is no justice.

P: So what kind of lies does the world tell to us?

M: Individuality for example. The society tells us, that it is great to be somebody special. Having a unique personality. Your own interests. But if you think about it, you will find out that this individualism is limited to consumtion. You are cool if you buy a car and let it produce as a custom-made product or if you buy a crazy hat or if you have a special and expensive hobby. But if you tell somebody, that you believe in aliens or Buddha, or if you say that you think that communism is a great system then you are considered as a freak. The dirt of our society. The individual lives in the inside not the outside, but as long as you have your personal ringtone, your needs in individualism is satisfied.

P: So you want to start a revolution out of a methal house? With the Unborn Group?

M: The Unborn Group is just a part of the plan. Spreading out a new morality is much more exciting. In many forums, menace emails. You have no idea how well that works. It's about weakening the people in their opinion. I want to confuse them, with their own antagonisms and a little phantasy. People are not interested in knowledge but in opinions. That's what makes it easy for me. I critisize persons, while using different usernames. This way they think everyone or at least the most of the peple disagree with their opinion. In the same way I ensure persons, who share my opinion. This strategy has been run by my partisans for many years. It doesn't matter how unimportant a topic is. You can read my style in every forum. I'm next to every firebrand speech. You can consider me as the populace. Nowadays we don't need to actively demoralise people actively. Now they do it theirselves.

P: You think that works?

M: Isn't it paradoxal, that regarding the amount of our problems nowadays the voter participation isn't rising but decreasing? The people are confused unmotivated. That's exactly the atmoshpere, that I need. At the moment you propably won't see any difference. But as soon as an instability reaches the country, the small problem turns into a big one, because of pessimism and listlessness.

P: Very interesting. Well I don't you'll get really far with that plan. Anyway I have to cut your internet connection . It seems like your community no longer only exists of fake profiles. Your facebook groups and the unborn group get more and more members everyday. One of you groups already had organised a demonstration. The protest swaps from the internet into the real world. And all was started by an insane person. I have to stop your project turns into a real movement. Your sick ideas shall not leave this house. You are a danger for humanity

M: What I created is a decentralised network. There is no snails head that you can cut off. Everything will work fine without me already.

P: Anyway you have an important role for many fanatics. Your games are going to stop now!

M: Take my Internet. My digital death will end in conspiracy theories. That's exactly what a resistance movement is thirsting for. You will wonder what my so called �false friends� can change in the real world. So far you haven't even seen the tip of the iceberg.