Cross Media Concept - Addison's Tales
A website that gives readers the chance to see&hear the songs from the Addison's Tales book series.


The Addison's Tales website blends the spoken tales and rhymes of Cornelius Elmore Addison with the works of musicians, illustrators, game deisgners and animators.  So far, over twenty individuals have combined to produce the unique audio visual appeal of the Addison's Tales website, including the staff of two agencies working on the flash code to ensure the websoil was strong enough to support every new song, poem, character and Enlivened Rhyme.  What's an Enlivened Rhyme?  That's where a song sung by a character from Addison's Tales, like those 'heard' in the Hobbit, are brought to life in the form of a cartoon for the reader to hear.  Click on the video above to experience an example.

The ultimate goal of the Addison's Tales website is threefold:

1. To be used as a platform for artists, musicians, game designers and animators to showcase their talents in new rooms, games, songs and animations - like an online fun park that is funded by e-book sales, merchandising and offline book sales. 

2. To encourage children to use their imagination to invent the most impossible character imaginable, like those found in Mack's One Stop Character Shop, and trap this creation inside a story as part of creative writing activities at their school. Mack's One Stop Character shop is where the author himself 'purchases' his characters for trapping inside new Tales.  Until a full Tale is written for them to live within, the purchased characters remain transparent - just like the puppet 'Lüder' sitting on the windowsill in Mr Addison's Cottage.  Only when their story is finished do the characters become solid and 'real', so that visitors to the website can read a sample chapter from their Tale. 

3.  To help promote Mack's One Stop Character Shop and the Addison's Tales book label in cyberspace.

For the Jovoto community I have uploaded a portion from Lüder's tale - The Riddle of the Jinn.  Community members can read the excerpt from the Tale where a song is sung, and then listen to the song as sung by Vincent the Mouse - a church choir mouse who is currently responsible for singing the songs from the Tales (until I can find a human singer to take over!)  The video is a fully produce Enlivened Rhyme.