Trilogy evolving in words, sounds and images.


  • It is a story in three parts. First is written, the second is a sound recording and the third is a short film. 
  1. It is about the birth of an entity that in the first part is not capabile to hear or see, it only thinks. Descovering reason it starts to be aware of it's existance and to understand the universe. The space is only distances betwen thoughts. 
  2. In the second part (the sound recording) it starts hearing as you start listening the story. It lives the emotions that the sound can create on a being. Now it understands the space around it by hearing distance and close sounds. In this part it can be introduced noize music and speach.
  3. The final part (the short movie) brings the capability to see to the entity. It has the joy of understanding light, colors and volume, and another dimension for the perception of space.
  • As the character evolve the story jumps from different media (magazine, radio and television) useing the best medium to comunicate the thoughts and emotions that it has.