Crossmedia Story - Der Wanderer in der Online-Galerie
Crossmedia adaption of the Story "Der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer"


Pleas read first "Der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer"

Crossmedial adapion

The hiker travels in an online gallery like . He appears always in a different painting. Artist could paint him into their own painting, minding the style. On each painting a different event takes place. One time the director assumes why the hiker, has chosen exactly that painting. Next time the artist describes his painting and the feelings of the hiker. In the following event the hiker hisself describes his view and emotions. Finally the reader is asked questions like �What do you think does the hiker think right now�, �Do you think he would like to stay in this painting forever?� The reader can reply by writing a comment. After replying the answers of previous readers are unlocked and the reader can see what other people see in the painting. An interaction with the paintings takes place. The pictures get a voice and a story, while they don't lose their mysticism. Many ways are shown how to read art. The fun of interpretation is stimulated. A possible end could be a video where the hiker jumps out of a painting and escapes into the real world.

Some example pictures can now be seen at  made by chronorocker.