Crossmedia Story - Weshalb man in einen Stau geraten kann
Crossmedial adaption of "Weshalb man in einen Stau geraten kann"


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The story can be adapted as youtube-video. Wether as a film or as a slide show with background speaker. After asking the questions (How can one get into a traffic jam?) the reader can click on the listed options. Those are used to collect informations about the reader. In the end a video sequence describes the personality of the reader. For example if the reader has chosen a lot of violent options. The story teller might say: �Maybe I watch to many action movies. Maybe this guy is just on his way back home.� Or if the reader has assumed, that the driver has cheated his wife, the story teller says �Why do I always think about cheating? Maybe this guy is the best father in the world? Don't I trust the people anymore?�

To make it short: A story that tells something about the reader!