Create the Plot with Geocache - Finalisieren Shortstory mit Titel "Venedig genießen"
Enjoy Venice : Short story to be finalised with geocaching, a song, a Venice guide &your imagination


Finalise the story:  All you have to do is to use the story (below), use the gecache indicated, include the Titel of a song and try to imagine what role the scarf in the picture could play in the plot.. One short story, four parameters, a lot of endings. The various short storys could than be used  as a series of comics, short TV-clips/series or - if they have a lot of references to historical places in Venice even as a school book for history.
Details:  Continue to write the story with the following elements:

  • the first song you hear in the morning (titel and refrain)
  • Look at page 25 of a book on any Venice book(guide) of your choice in a bookstore. Than use 2 senctences from this page for your story. Its up to you, how you use or combine the sentences in a meaningful manner for the story.
  • Use the titel and place of the following geocache for your plot.:
 (You may as well, if you are ambitious and ready to go on a trip to Italy search the multicache which contains a micro-treasure in it that you could equally use for the story if you like)
  • Finally try to figure out the role the scarf in the pictures is playing in the whole story and finalise it.
The idea behind this cross-media story telling is to combine traditional places of books (bookstore) with new places of information (geocache) and try to develop a plot in a playful manner (using left and right brain side tools) by dwelling in phantasy & intuition, a little research.
Writing Room:
The story should be finalised in a virtual writing room of a publishing company (on an on extra webside or as dedicated space on social media media plattform open to public participation)

The Story:
Even Jesus feels pitty for her: The palazzo turns out to be a nun's home that closes at 10:00 pm, the boy-friend remains in love with his ex-wife and no Gondoliere has ever heard about the fancy adresses she wants to visit.. Worse: Instead of a new lover she has a rendez-vous with zillion Moskitos, a fat hostile cat and finally opens the wrong entrance door.

What happens than? Your turn. Use the geocache, the song, the scarf and the book on Venice and let the story unfold in the virtual writing room (has to be set up from the publishing company)