Ineractive "text-tissue" (on- & offline) to capture the palces of a city.


A sheet of paper on the house wall. A note in the cart, in the pediatrician's waiting room, in the subway station, the zoo, in the toilet of the railway-station.

Advertising? No advertising. A text. What exactly? A little story about what happened in this location.  A chronicle of the moment: a chat with the old woman at the cash desk of the supermarket, the weeping of the little boy, who doesn't want to go home, the hand movement of the punk, who strips off his cigarette at wall of the house. A literary snapshot that captures the spirit of the place. Its breath, its atmosphere, its history.
(Sample text in the picture)
The text finishes with the call: what happend to you? what did you see /experience? post your own story on www.kaleidoscoop.com [Blind-URL]

Already "described" places can located via Google Maps.

Offer to the community: everybody can chose a location and compose a first story for it. The author is responsable for the story and leaves it in the chosen destination.  
The aim is to capture the city, the village with an interactive "text-tissue".  The best miniatures will be edited.  An alternative, very atmospheric city guide.