- A crossmedia novel
Marco is a dj who creates an online novel+webradio. Readers interact with him.


Marco dreams about Woodstock 1969: Jimi Hendrix says "Welcome to my rock machine, let's chronorock!" He wonders about the meaning of this dream. When getting to his job, his boss says to him "You are fired". He returns home, still obsessed by his dream. Then decides to buy domain, and starts writing an online novel on it. In the same page, he installs a web radio. The online novel is about himself,  a guy who is fired from his job, forgotten by his girlfriend, and who decides to make his own web radio on the internet. Let's chronorock, becomes his radio slogan. In this novel he talks about songs, about rock history, about himself, about his listeners who interact with the novel, becoming characters as well.

In,  the narrator (a dj) is writing an online novel, at the same time he puts music for his readers (listeners). The narrator talks in his radio to their readers-listeners, receives musical requests and comments about his novel in progress, trying to answer himself: Will it be worth to follow my radio dream?

The web page and web radio is under construction:

and well, Marco is obsessed with rock chronology as well, as you can see in here:

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and in this blog about movies from the 50s (the decade in which rock n roll originated)