Familiar faces
A cross media integration of a short detective story, with an interesting psychological twist.


Familiar faces is the story of detective John Desmond who investigates various cases, only to come up with the most unexpected suspect. He suffers because of an old mental breakdown, which, combined with the experimental pills he takes, leads him into a state of split personality, with devastating results.

Update ?

(It comprises of 3 pages and a cover page, which makes it ideal for reading on the bus, metro or during short brakes. I have some interesting ideas on what medium to publish it through and also some advertising ideas for it. As soon as I'm through with them I'll hopefully upload them. In the meanwhile enjoy the lecture and if at some points it seems fragmented, it's because it was written on the course of several days and not in one shot.

This is the download link:

http://www.filehost.ro/1456382/familiarfacespdf/   )


Ok, so finally I managed to upload my ideas for promoting, distributing and presenting the story. I chose to do it in an audio format, because of the short length meaning that it makes a perfect lecture on your way home.

1) For promoting the story I have a city light that will only be seen at night, so that the reader gets into the story, which is dark, psychological and with a twisted end. The consumer is given a code through this city light, a code which he can then use online, with his mobile, to download the audio version of the book.

The copy on the city light reads (in case it's too small on the image): "Do you really know the person next to you?  Read this carefully but watch your back. Go to m.ff.com on your mobile, enter code 2JMD23 and download for free the thrilling audio book "Familiar Faces".

Alternately, in terms of profit, the code can be provided via SMS, with the messaging number present on the billboard.

2)  Then there's the printed version with the cover. I've provided the download link above

3) The audio book itself, which I've recorded. If the quality here is low, this is the download link


4) An IPhone app called Story Vision which works by providing images from the web which relate to the audio book. When the audio file is uploaded into Story Vision, it also provides the app with key words and the corresponding time. The app then goes online and picks images that match the key words and delivers them on screen. The listener takes part more actively in the story and the images offer him an imaginative boost.

thank you for your time :)