Meine Freundschaft zu Dir ...
For a special human


Also in english, it would not be a poety anymore,
but now, you can understand the words i wrote

My friendship to you

I listen to music
and dream of you,
thou art
very close to me.

I have so often
think of you,
would you so much
Luv my little gift.

But you are
not mine
It will also, unfortunately,
never be.

Tears running
over my face,
you're not there
and do not see it.

If I
hear your voice,
sing in my heart
thousand angels choirs.

in my stomach
I wish
you feel it too.

Only in my dreams
may I love you
with you
fly to our stars.

we are a loving couple,
but unfortunately
is the never true.

So we can
remain just friends,
but I can
write you these lines.

They will show you
how much I like you
and how sweet
I love you.

I want your friendship
never lose
then would
my little heart freeze.

The music is off,
the dream is over
life goes on
for us two.

Each goes his
own way,
but take my friendship with
I've gotta b.

It will protect you
and accompany
with all the stress
in these times.

I am always
there for you
because you're just