Berlin Rouge Noir
"Who is Sophie Rheims? And why did she contact me? Can I trust her?" Watch the video to learn more.


"Berlin is ruled by the Nazis. But we are fighting back from the underground. These are dangerous times to trust anybody."The reader takes over the role of a underground saboteur during the fascist regime in Berlin. Before the real story is released as an iPad-/iPhone app billboards appear all over Germany and in the web. They ask you to contact a woman called Sophie Rheims to help stopping the nazis. She is a member of the  Deuxième Bureau, the french secret service. She tells you via Facebook to come to "Hotel Adlon" on the 4th of October. There, the adventure takes off into the fictive world of Berlin Rouge Noir.

  • Watch the video now. It's the second picture.

The story develops through the interaction of the reader. He/She often has to contribute actively to the action to help Sophie to fulfill her mission to gain trust of the leaders of the Nazis and sabotage them.The sometimes non-linear episodes are accessed through a map of the historical Berlin. Each episode lets you dive deeper into the story and world of Berlin Rouge Noir. Moreover you can find hidden Places, Characters and plots who provide additional information and thus an enhanced reading.You also find items to change the progress of the story and are contacted by Sophie via extra iPhone app. There you are given vital information and it feels like you are really an active participant of the story. Check out the page of Deuxième Bureau to learn more about the Secret Service it's mysterious leader and his relationship to Sophie. 
Take a look at Sophies Facebook page. The journey takes of from here.