What Color Am I? - Interactive Book
iPad/iPhone book with a story told via text, illustrations, game and an accompanying website.


Interactive book for small children. Download my full PDF proposal with description, illustrations and story. All content copyright 2010 Oksancia.

The main character - little Kitten - wants to find out what color he is before his first Birthday, so he goes on an adventure following the Rainbow. On his way he meets different animals (Pink Pig, Green Frog, Orange Fox, etc.) and asks them "What color are you?" As the parent reads the text out loud, the child picks the color of a given animal on iPad. With every correct answer the black & white animal is colored and little Kitten finds out that he himself has that color on his body (pink pig - pink nose and paws of the Kitten.)

After going through the series of encounters together with the little Kitten, a child learns the colors and their names, meets the animals and finds out the true purpose of this adventure in the end of the book, which is the importance of making friends.

The website "What color am I?" accompanies the iPad book and brings the story to a new level by providing additional coloring pages for parents to download and print at home. Each coloring page contains an answer to the question, for example "Why is the fox's fur orange?"