Ministry of unfulfilled dreams
The Ministry of unfulfilled dreams


"John Johannson is a good soul. A bit like a confused tenderly aged professor.  Quite sensitive, very friendly, funny, trustful and shaped by boundless integrity. 

He loves humans, nature, philosophy and art even more than his five minutes timelessness � a thin hand-rolled cigarette and a proper coffee on a park bench in front of his office, enjoying the early midday sun.

One fine day he came up with a beautiful idea to go for�"

The Ministry of Unfulfilled Dreams � Das Ministerium der unerfüllten Träume

The Ministry of unfulfilled dreams is an interactive approach to crossmedia storytelling.

John Johannson, the fictive founder invites people of all range and age to share his passion and asks them about their dreams. The projects starts with 5.000 nicely printed directed envelopes that you suddenly find somewhere at hidden places.

Read the full concept at the end of the presentation.Click here to see or forward the slides as a prezi on

When i was finished with the presentation it came to my mind that it could be realised as a beautiful children´s porject as well, involving schools and asking children worldwide about their dreams. 

What do you think ?
I Hope you like it.

Yours, Jesko