Digital Hero (WIP)


A young technophile is challenged by an unwelcome trickster - a mad man who advocates past practices and technical obsolence with the ultimate goal to decrease the competitiveness of Deutsche Bank. Within the company, the antagonist's destructive attitude to digital technology spreads like an infectious disease which immediately turns those who come into contact with it old as the hills. The evil force threatens to kill the business culture and rip Deutsche Bank and its customers apart. However, the hero manages to bring the company back on track by turning the digital devices of the bank’s employees and its customers into a powerful digital network that allows customers and employees to unite forces and jointly get rid of Mr Evil's destructive attitude toward digital technology.

Please explain how your poster brings the idea of digital leadership to life?

The hero saves Deutsche Bank with the help of the digital net - just like Spiderman uses his spiderweb to defeat evil.

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All parts ot the design are my own creations except the DB Logo (modified by me) and the font ("Helvetica Neue" and "Homoarakhn").