In Touch
A traveller discovering the red threat and the leader that connects us all.


I will add here more information about the main character.

The name of our traveller is Reet. She´s a 25 year-old girl who just feels wanderlust in her veins. She´s always craving for new places to see and experiences to enrich herself. This need of hers comes from the oppressive and reclusive background she comes from. Her family has Estonian roots and she knew what her parents have been through during the Soviet dictatorship. She was still a child when Estonians achieved their independence and freedom but she still remembers the atmosphere of hardship people where living in. After 1991, year of the Estonian independence, Reet moved with her parents to the U.S.A. Reet has always been aware of her roots, history and where she came from; that´s why she also harboured in herself that typical Estonian connection with nature and the land. She has always felt the desire to explore the breath-taking woods in Colorado, where her family settled down. Reet has always gone on her hikes alone, preferring only to cherish the company of trees and creeks rather than the one of people. She is in fact a solitary person and not much in touch with her peers if not strictly necessary. Even if she has a smartphone, she doesn´t use social media or new technologies that much, only to keep in touch with some friends and relatives overseas. The "journey of the red threat", however, will make her understand how she is constantly connected with the world and how even if everyone may be alone no one is really. After her journey she will be able to open up herself and to experience wanderlust for the variety of people and their connections besides the nature and its beauties.

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1st poster: photos of the landscapes come from The fonts from Canva. 2nd poster: photo of the ball of yarn was taken from this blog and then mdified in Photoshop. Fonts from Canva. Movie Credits Template from Logos: Deutsche Bank and Jovoto.