Electric Renegade
Good or bad, the future will be defined by technology. Only with knowledge comes true liberation.


Electric Renegade presents the story of NK-14, a space engineer in the Continental Fleet in the year 2369, send by the World Government as a part of a colonization mission on an habitable planet placed in another system. After passing a space hazard area his spaceship's gravitational shields fail, and he, along with it's machine, are dragged into a Worm Hole. After a timeless wandering trough space and time the spaceship tumbles in to an unknown ocean on an habitable planet. The pilot was back on Earth but the year of his landing was 1873 at almost 500 years in the past. In his future, before the Great War, just the elites had access to technology. After the conflict, the earth's population was marked using a system created by the conquerors, a few powerful nations with a developed technology, that have later formed the new World Government. The ARK augmentation was supposed to help the people overcome their destructive instincts, but in fact it was used to enslave them. After his time travel, NK-14 realize that his perception and emotions were altered by the tattoo he received at his birth and until then his life was just a surrogate. Now in the past the ARK's veil was no longer disturbing it's judgement, Nikola (as he named himself) made a decision that would change the life of thousands. By using his advanced knowledge he will try to change the course of history, leading the humanity to a better future. But he will soon realize that the creation on the World Government was planned a long time ago by two secret organisations, the White Hand and the Red Hand, and the plot against humanity was larger than anyone could ever imagine. This movie depicts another face of the technological leader, showing the struggle of the flawed human behind the genius as well as a powerful message about future and technology. Discover the real story behind the beginning of the technological era and the truth about one of the most mysterious inventors of the history, Nikola Tesla.

Please explain how your poster brings the idea of digital leadership to life?

My poster features the two images of the main plot: on the left is presented the Tesla Tower, one of the most iconic inventions of the scientist. On the right is presented the helmet of the Continental Space Fleet. Both of this items have a great importance to the following plot.

Please provide a summary of your film script/storyboard:

Ok, I get so caught up with this idea so I've projected it to be a trilogy, so in the next weeks I will upload the posters and plots for all 3 parts (Liberation, The Industrial Revolution and World War Infinity). It may not be necessary, but I just like this idea a lot... This story will feature other well known personalities like Edison or Mark Twain, each with their special place and character development. All I can say for now is that I will try to update as much as I can in the next week.

What makes your film poster and script special?

This movie should be an emotionally charged thriller presenting the hopeless fight of an technological leader against a conspiratorial plan plotted against the humanity by empowering the people with the gift of technology. It reinterpret the known history in a fresh and exciting manner (the movie is full of action and plot twists and awesome technology, like Tesla's death ray) and it also sends a powerful message: in order to create a better future the people must learn to use the technology.

Are all parts of the design 100% your original work or did you use any stock or third party material? If yes, please link all stock, fonts and Creative Commons material here:

All the graphics are made by me. the fonts used are Living Hell and Aileron.