A high-impact piece that challenges the viewer to visit new horizons.


Horizon Inclined is a play on words - some of us are inclined to visit new horizons. The qualities of this type of character are inspirational to the viewer, as is the reward - a new, efficient, sustainable world where work is made easier. Please explain how your poster brings the idea of digital leadership to life?

Please explain how your poster brings the idea of digital leadership to life?

A square frame represents 'digital' while the diagonal horizon represents 'life' in a new way. These elements combine to form a giant Deutsche Bank logo, relating it to the employees of the firm. Stark contrast provides impact and demands attention. This poster works for quick glances or longer stays with a landscape to explore. Enticing and open to interpretation. The catch phase gives the viewer something to aspire to: 'I welcome new horizons!'

Please provide a summary of your film script/storyboard:

The protagonists are every day heroes with no particular digital skills, but with the intellect to ask for help when they need it. The 'horizon' is place they've been warned by the antagonists 'to never go there'. Feeling the inevitable change they feel the need to challenge their ways and inspire others in doing so. 'Some has to be first, but no one has to be last' can be heard during the movie. Each character represents a quality found in each of us when it implies our emotions.

What makes your film poster and script special?

"Would I take on that challenge?" is what viewers will ask themselves when seeing this poster. Impact is at the forefront, detail in the distance. The stable, strong square composition sets the digital tone as well as a type of 'looking glass', as the viewer participates in seeing a new horizon. The ingenious combination of elements forming a giant Deutsche Bank logo will instantly reward viewers when they finally see it, making this poster extra special. Appropriate for a working place.

Are all parts of the design 100% your original work or did you use any stock or third party material? If yes, please link all stock, fonts and Creative Commons material here:

The (modified) free stock background image was provided by 'Justin Luebke' on 'Unsplash' at: https://unsplash.com/photos/SmAiLn-nnJg