Macolin is human
Our mind is a machine that makes us human.


My idea was to bring to the public the message that we are a thinking machine that uses extrermas technologies our mind to evolve, but we are still human. In a world where increasingly choosing one or the other, it is interesting to see that yes can be both.

Please explain how your poster brings the idea of digital leadership to life?

Macolin fight so that their skills are not used for evil, he decides to lead yourself to continue to exist. In my film the liderença is present full-time, without the leadership of Macolin, plans Mafia would succeed, from the moment that theoretically the human mind machines are designed to obey.

Please provide a summary of your film script/storyboard:

Colin Stuart, better known as Macolin, is a young student of 22 years, a powerful machine created by Dr. Zafir and Dr. Lise, capable of storing data without your memory damage or lack of space. The Prolix Mafia, Macolin want to capture and use their skills to practice corruptions around the world. Among passions, machinery and powers, who will stand?

What makes your film poster and script special?

My script becomes special because it has the object value both humanity and the machines. In a world where increasingly choosing one or the other, it is interesting to understand that the mind works like a machine that allows us to attach it to digital technology and reach higher places in the world.

Are all parts of the design 100% your original work or did you use any stock or third party material? If yes, please link all stock, fonts and Creative Commons material here:

source: Mouser and Lao UI Images - -