The Digital Leader - Don't fear The Future
A story about a banker who's afraid of new technologies and of his new colleague : a computer.


The main character is a banker during the 70's. He is facing issues with his new colleague : a computer. In an office atmosphere, the movie depicts life and its evolution. The banker will have to adapt himself and find ideas that can bring innovations to his firm. But he will need the help of the computer to do it. A friendship is born !

Please explain how your poster brings the idea of digital leadership to life?

I used old and vintage elements of bankers mixed with a kind of Saul Bass effect on the background and a little bit of science fiction and technology elements. The digital leadership is symbolised with the two characters : the banker and the computer (which is a humanoid / clone). It shows that to get success, the banker will have to team with the computer. It is a reference to "Playtime" of movie by Jacques Tati

Please provide a summary of your film script/storyboard:

  1. Jack is an arrogant banker who work with past processes. He does not accept the emancipatory evolution of the society. He's old fashioned and a kind of surly. One day, his supervisor announces that the arrival of a new colleague : Kilby. Kilby is a computer/humanoid that will help workers to find solution and to bring innovations to the firm. First contacts are cold and distant. But little by little, Jack realizes that he will need Kilby's help to succeed.

What makes your film poster and script special?

This is a particular approach. Our society is represented by and old society (the story goes on the 70's). It's a confrontation between past and future but in an old decade. We all know that evolution brings its share of good and bad ideas and we have to adapt ourselves to get more brilliant. But what is less common is to realize how previous generations have passed the milestone of new technology and the advent of computers.

Are all parts of the design 100% your original work or did you use any stock or third party material? If yes, please link all stock, fonts and Creative Commons material here:

Fonts used: Gotham Man :